Discover God for Yourself

Is there a God? Is there proof He exists? If you can’t see God, how can anyone know He’s really there? Questions like these sound pretty familiar today, but these same questions have been asked for millennia. Fortunately, they’ve been answered—then and now.

Korihor, an agnostic who lived more than 2,000 years ago, vehemently questioned the existence of God. His fierce interrogation of faithful people, even in a religiously tolerant society, led to a civil trial where he was questioned himself by a deeply spiritual man, Alma.

Why, Alma asked, would so many people testify of God if they had no motive? Aren’t the scriptures affidavits of faith? Why denounce a knowledge that brings joy to so many?

After continual criticism and belittlement of his society’s “foolish traditions,” Korihor was struck dumb by God and lost his ability to speak. Only then did he acknowledge the power of God. It took a miraculous sign for him to know. You only need one book.

The Book of Mormon is full of personal accounts about people questioning, soul searching, and receiving answers from a loving Heavenly Father. It also contains a promise that you too can gain a sure knowledge of God. Read it and ask the question for yourself. The answer is there.