Answers about the Afterlife

When you die, will you cease to exist? Does your soul live on? Will you be with people you know? If you’ve asked questions like these, you’re not alone. People through the ages have felt similar uncertainty, even anxiety about life after death.

Corianton was a young man in ancient America who had the same question. His father, a high priest, gave him the answer: all men “are taken home to that God who gave them life.” How did Alma know this? He studied holy scriptures and he “inquired diligently of God” (Alma 40:3). The Book of Mormon records his search and his loving response to his son.

Corianton found the answer he was looking for. And so can you. The Book of Mormon, like the Bible, contains teachings and principles from God to help us. To answer our questions. To give us peace.

Read more of what Corianton learned about life after death—and discover more real answers to real questions.