Harley Valenzuela Cortez: Football Player, Wrestler, Boxer, Convert, Missionary, Surfer, モルモン.

こんにちは,わたしはHarley Valenzuela Cortezです。


My life has been a roller-coaster ride, I've had my ups and down,my times of faith and disbelief, my hardships and my joys, But who doesn't? I am currently serving a 2 year mission in the Missouri Independence Mission, and will be returning home in May of 2015. I was never going to serve a mission, i was originally going to play college ball for Montana State, but then turned down the scholarship so i could pursue underwater welding in the United States Coast Guard, but finally, when the age dropped in October of 2012, i knew i had to go. The spirit has never made itself known to me, or at least i was never listening.. but the feeling i had was undeniable, it was inexcusably the greatest moment of my life. Because i knew that My Heavenly Father loved me, He loved me enough to tell me, this is where I need you. But there was a problem, i didn't know if this church was true. I didn't have a testimony if this Church is the same church that our Lord Jesus Christ established on the earth during His earthly ministry...So i found out. i locked myself in my room, and i found out. I read the Book of Mormon for the first time in one night. i couldn't sleep, i needed to know, and then, i took the ancient prophet Moroni's counsel, and prayed to my Father in Heaven. I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet that was called from the foundation of the world, I know that My God lives. He lives and Guides this church through the prophet today.


I was never the "Golden Mormon Kid". i never knew how important it was to keep the commandments and strive for perfection..And because of that, i made many decisions in my past that i am not proud of, and the consequences because of those actions are still taking their toll...But i have a testimony of the power of the Atonement. I have a Testimony that the power of Forgiveness is real. As i read the Book of Mormon, a story that caught my eye, was about Alma the his younger years, he committed the vilest of sins, and tried to tear down Gods church... But he changed. Through The Power of God, he became a new man... he could sing of redeeming love, and lived his life to share the gospel, to never turn back. We have this Gospel, the true, pure Gospel of Jesus Christ to return to our Father in Heaven, We have this Gospel to have the opportunity to be forgiven, to become pure and change. I am a Mormon, because Only the true Church of Jesus Christ can have the Fullness of the Gospel to make such change possible. I am a Mormon because i know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that Heavenly Father still loves us, and Guides us through a Prophet in these last days, just as in the days of old.



The Holy Spirit has a very specific role in bringing us closer to Heavenly Father. As explained in the Bible, the Holy Ghost is a spirit of truth, He is a comforter, A witness, A guide. If we turn to Heavenly Father, The Holy Ghost will direct us to His will. The Holy Ghost has guided me and has comforted me when i was on my search for truth, He told me where i should turn, what i should accept as truth, and has entirely changed my life. Turn to the Holy Ghost, the feelings and promptings you have in your soul.... When you feel it.. you'll just cant deny it.


Read, Pray, And go to church.. This will change you, and in turn, you will receive light as to what you need to do as an individual to bring others to the light, you will find yourself as a new person, in a new perspective, striving to do whats right. I always thought the term "What would Jesus Do" was cliche' and was overused..But really think about it.. if Christ was in the same situation as you right now.. what would he be doing? Pray to our father in Heaven to do what is right, His work and His glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. If you follow His counsel, will he not help you become one in purpose with Him?