Ryuga: Surfer, DJ, Photographer, 日本, 名古屋, 伝道部, モルモン.



Hey, This is Ryuga. I Love the Sky so I'm a Photographer. I Love the Ocean so I'm a Surfer. I Love Music so I'm a R&B,Hip Hop DJ. I Love God so I'm Mormon.


I was born in a Part Member Family. When I was Younger I became Less Active untill one day I had an exprerince where I fell from the 3rd floor of my house. When I fell I prayed harder then I have all my life. I survived! Though I didn't really believe in the church at the time I had a strong testimony that god is reall, and he really cared enough to help me at that time, when I needed him. Since then I have again listened to the missionary lessons, studied, prayed and repented. Now I know the church is true, I love the gospel, I know if we sincerely pray god will answer us. So I am Mormon.


Everyday always we should sincerely pray, Deeply ponder the Scriptures, Then participate at Church weekly. Prepare to go to the Temple.