Mattia N.E. Resinelli: Videogame, Italian, Books, Rock, League of legends, Nathan, Mormone.

Ciao, mi chiamo Mattia N.E. Resinelli

Chi sono

Hi!, I'm Mattia Nathan E. Resinelli! I'm from Bergamo,Italy... And I'm borned in this church meanwhile my parents are converted. I have 5 siblings 2 older and 3 younger. Since I was 2 my older brother and sister introduced me in the world of Video games and of "Lord of the Rings" I and all my brothers share the same love for Video games and board games. And just a few developed the love of reading fantasy book! My favorite writer is Tolkien. I play the saxophone. I really love Cartoons of any kind such as Adventure Time and Japanese Animes. I'm a Marvel Comic reader. I like do sports too like swimming,climbing,hiking and everything that you can do with friends. My favorite videogame is "The Legend Of Zelda". I love Rock,Opera and Classic Music, my favorite band is "Queen" & "The Beatles" but my favorite singes is David Bowie. I love any kind of movie but my favorite are the comedies and my favorite movie is "Young Frankenstein" Now I'm serving in the New York,New York South mission. So basically I can't do nothing of the above mentioned things!

Perché sono mormone

I'm Mormon because I know that the teachings of the church are for us and through them we can have a strong family and make our life great. I'm Mormon because I tried to follow the teachings and I saw the results and we can choose to follow them to see the good things that come from them. I'm A Mormon because It's wonderful

Come vivo la mia fede

I love my faith trying to take the right decision because only through them we can reach happiness,and now I'm serving a mission because I wanna share the message of the church to everyone that is looking for answers in his/her life. Through our littles decision we can change our life so let's choose the best decision we have every time possible!