Monde entier
Joyce DT Hauata: Family, Conversion, Daugther of God, Holy Ghost, Nature, Mormon.

Bonjour, je m’appelle Joyce DT Hauata

À propos de moi

I am the youngest of 9 kids and I like to spend time with my family. I like hiking, ping-pong, and I like to observe the nature.

Pourquoi suis-je mormon(e) ?

Even though I grew up in the LDS Church, I needed to find out for myself if what my parents taught me was true. When I was a teenager my testimony was weak but my understanding and comprehension of the restored gospel became meaningful because I have the desire to know for myself. Reading the Book of Mormon changed my heart and my mind which helped me to become a better person. I love the Gospel of Christ because it transformed those that try. I believe that we can be an answer to someone prayers.

Histoires personnelles

Y-a-t-il dans votre famille une difficulté particulière que les principes de l’Évangile vous ont aidé à surmonter ?

My dad died when I was four years old; this events made my mom, my family and myself a better learner of God's mercy and love for us. Moreover it strenghten my understanding on how families can be together forever through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe, honor and love the priesthood that has been brought back through the prophet Joseph Smith in the early 1820. Over the years, I learn to enjoy and seek the positive things that happen in each cases of life, which make us stronger if we take it in the positive ways.

Comment je vis ma foi

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ in this latter days is great. I came to know better who was my Father in Heaven through my Savior Jesus Christ, and by serving others in multiple ways. I love Christ teachings because it help me to do my best and develop my divine potential as a daughter of God. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost who reminds me who am I and what can I do better. I love the people that I come in contact with and I do believe that there is no coincidence in life.