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Pierre Fourtina: Pierre Fourtina, drawing, dance, Christ, Mormon.

Bonjour, je m’appelle Pierre Fourtina

À propos de moi

So, I was born in 1992 with a great family ! My parents always raised us in the church and with good morals. My two older sisters (Celine and Claire) always treated me well (dress up, Barbies... haha) They are the best blessing that I can have in my life ! I always like to draw, it's one of my talent. It was hard in life like for everyone of us...but one thing helped me, Christ.

Pourquoi suis-je mormon(e) ?

So I grew up in the church but that doesn't mean that I was converted to it ! The point of my life that I changed is most of it in my mission (Utah Ogden) I got closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ more than anything before !! Times of trials came and will come and that helped to grow and to understand more the Atonement of Christ. Prayer, Scriptures and Church are here to continue to show my faith by my actions to my Heavenly father ! I love the Gospel, I live it and I will continue for the eternity.

Histoires personnelles

Comment le Saint-Esprit vous-a-t-il aidé ?

The Holy Ghost is really precious to me. When I received it when I got baptized, I was worthy and its for this reason that when I feel it again and again I know that my Heavenly Father trust me and I know that I am worthy, not perfect, but doing my best to help people to be closer to Christ through the Holy Ghost. He helped and help me everyday of my life because He is the comforter and when there is times of trials, sorrows or pain I can feel that He is behind me, support me to endure to the end. We all know what is right or wrong, and He helps me to be on the right path.

Comment je vis ma foi

How do I live my faith !?? By being an example to others that they can see that I am a normal person and having higher goals and believes in my life ! Share my testimony through actions is super good !! Jesus is the Christ He lives, He will come again, not like the first time but with glory and power, I don't have any doubt about it ! " I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ !"