Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

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There is a strong tradition of missionary service in the Church. The Savior taught, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Church members consider it a privilege to show their love for other people and the Lord by sharing the gospel.

Missionaries generally begin serving when they are from 18 to 19 years old. Many retired seniors, men, women, and married couples also serve missions. Missionaries serve from 18 months to 2 years. Missions are voluntary, and missionaries are not paid for their service. Missionaries come from around the world, and they serve wherever the Church calls them. While serving full-time, missionaries are official representatives of the Church.

  • It is not a necessary thing to go on a mission to recieve eternal life or anything like that. It is your own choice, and I chose to serve a mission because I wanted to give my thanks to my Heavenly Father for all he has given me. Also Jesus Christ gave the scripture of Matthew 28:19 to his followers so I want to help with fulfilling that scripture. So it took much sacrifice to save up money to pay to go because the church doesn't pay us to do it. Just like eveything else in our church its out of love for the Savior and our sincere desire to serve and give our time to him. Show more

  • You may have heard that is a requirement as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to serve a mission. Right now I am serving a mission, but I was not required to do it. I chose to. It was not a stipulation of my membership, it did not endanger my salvation. I simply had a desire to share what now means the most to me in my life with others. As I have done so I have come to feel great joy. My joy comes in seeing them make changes in their life that bring them closer to God and free them from the burdens of guilt that come from sin. The Atonement of Christ has never been more real to me as watching the people I learn to love repent and feel true joy and experience real freedom that only the gospel of Christ can bring. I feel the pure love of Christ in our relationship and nothing else compares to that feeling. That is why I am on a mission. Show more

  • No. Every worthy young man is expected to serve a mission, though there is no punishment for not doing so. Also, not every young man is physically or mentally capable, so there are circumstances where a young man may be excused from service. Young women may also serve missions, but are not expected to do so. Serving a mission means a full-time commitment, leaving family and friends to preach the gospel in a place assigned by the Church. I served my mission in Los Angeles, California. Show more

  • Serving a mission is a priesthood responsibility, and young men are asked to sacrifice two years in order to serve others, gain experience as followers of Christ, and grow in their faith. However, that is a choice each individual has to make on their own and deciding not to go does not affect a person's standing in the Church. But those who do go, men and women alike, usually find that two years is not enough time and wish they could stay longer. Service creates bonds of love for the people you serve. I was unable to go in my young adult years, but I still yearn for the opportunity and look forward to a time when I can serve as a missionary. Show more

  • I know that the church's stance on serving a mission is True. I firmly believe that everyone, when they are the right age should at least try and serve a mission. If you have medical situations that limit you from serving a mission. The Lord will understand and there are other missionary opportunities out there that you can get involved with. If you can not afford to serve a mission, talk with your bishop and if you have a true sincere desire to serve he will make things work. If your afraid to serve a mission, your not alone. Always know that the Lord is on your side as you serve worthily and that you can make a difference in so many other peoples lives. I know that when your only in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of God. I know that to be true and it has blessed my life in so many ways. I hope that my opinion will encourage you to serve a mission or even serve the Lord! Show more

  • It is not required that all Mormons serve a mission. Some cannot go because their health may not allow them, others may have their own reasons. As for me, I have a strong desire to serve as do so many other members. I want to go out and share with anyone who is willing and ready to receive this gospel. I know that this is Christ's true church restored on this earth in its fullness, as in old times. And I want to invite everyone to come unto Christ. I want everyone to know that they have a loving Father in Heaven and that they are His children. I want them to know that there is life after death, and that through our Savior Jesus Christ, we may live with our Father in Heaven once more. I want to bring joy into their lives. I want to bring the truth to them because I feel it is my duty, because I know for myself. Show more

  • Not all Mormons are required to serve a mission. Those who serve choose to and can serve for a period of 18 months for women and 2 years for men. Married couples and retired seniors can also serve if they choose to. We are taught to spread the gospel to those who haven't received it yet and we feel it is a privilege to share what we know to be true with those around us. Show more

  • You are not required to serve a mission. But most of us view it as a privilege to be able to go out and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. He loved us so much that he gave his own life to atone for our sins. I am honored to be able to give 2 years of my life to him to serve him. When you look at it that way it makes you wish you could serve longer than 2 years. Show more

  • We are not required to serve a mission, but we have been called by the prophet as the young men of the church (if worthy and able) to take the gospel to the rest of the world. This church has done so much for us and brought so much purpose and happines into our lives, so we just want to share it with everyone else. The mission is an oppertunity to make other people's lives better, whether that be through service or throught Jesus Christ, we are just there to help them. I am too excited to go and serve, and help someone every day. Show more

  • "Required" is an interesting word when it comes to faith and religion. In the Mormon Church no one is "required" to serve a mission. Church membership is not revoked for not serving a mission. In this sense, they are not required, yet serving a mission is encouraged at many stages in life and in many different capacities throughout the world. Missionary service is a tremendous blessing, a challenge, and one of the main focuses of the faith. The life of Jesus Christ was the life of a missionary in many respects. Performing service for one another, preaching the glad message of the gospel, and increasing the faith and dedication of God's children are exemplified in Christ's life and mirrored by those in missionary service. To dedicate a portion of one's life in service propels those who serve and those who are served into a better life. During my two year mission to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and during my two year service mission with LDS Family Services, I was greatly blessed and strengthened. (I hope those whom I served found some value in my service as well.) That strength has taught me to better navigate this life, has kept my family relations intact, and has been the method of helping others overcome their trials as well. Spiritually speaking, I don't find value in reflecting on what my life would be like without serving a mission. Instead, I rejoice in knowing that without that time in missionary service my life would be significantly less happy and productive. In my life, serving a mission has taken on many of the characteristics of a "required" act since I can't picture myself progressing very far without having served as a missionary. While not required to be a member of the Mormon church, missionary service has been a critical and welcome part of my life and growth spirituality. I will be forever grateful that I had the opportunity to serve missions, and look forward to serving in many more. Show more

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