Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

Official Answer

Jesus Christ taught that we must be baptized by immersion (Mark 16:16; 3 Nephi 11:21-26). He set the example Himself by being baptized to “fulfill all righteousness” (Matthew 3:15).

We are baptized by someone who has God’s priesthood authority for the remission of sins. (Acts 2:38, Acts 22:16). We are also baptized to become members of the Church of Jesus Christ, and to enter the kingdom of God (John 3:5).

Through the ordinance of baptism, we make a promise, called a covenant, with God. We promise to accept Christ, to become His followers, and to keep His commandments to the end of our lives. In return, our Heavenly Father promises to forgive our sins and let us return to live with Him, provided we keep our covenants.

  • Because baptism is essential for salvation. Christ set the example for us by being baptized, and He's commanded us to do the same. The ancient Apostles preached nothing but repentance and baptism after the crucifixion of Christ, so our missionaries do the same. Show more

  • We believe that Baptism is the first ordinance of the gospel. As Jesus Christ teaches us in the Bible no clean thing can enter into the kingdom of God, and without a baptism as Christ taught us for the remission of our sins we cannot enter into the kingdom of God. This baptism is the first step to showing your faith in Jesus Christ and his restored church by entering into the covenant of baptism. This covenant is a promise between us and God, and in this promise we promise to take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ, to always remember him, and to keep his commandments. In return God has promised us that we can be forgiven of our sins, and gives us the right to the constant guide of the Holy Ghost. We invite everyone to show their faith in Christ and be baptized like he showed us, to receive a remission of their sins and to start the journey of a lifetime on the path to return and live with our Father in Heaven. Show more

  • Men of the Mormon faith have the preisthood to act in the name of Jesus Christ and has been ordained so to baptize. As John the Baptist had the power to baptize Our Savior Jesus Christ, men of the Mormon faith can too. Preisthood power was restored on this Earth through Joseph Smith and the power of baptism was restored with it. Show more

  • If you and I were to enter into an agreement then how would you want to "seal the deal." In the world we use a hand shake or sometimes just our word is good enough or sometimes just the nod of your head in the affirmative. In more serious agreements we sign a legal document with a pen and both parties keep a copy of the legal document and both parties have recourse to the legal system to settle any disputes. The Lord is very serious about our spiritual growth and so He asks us to do certain things such as "keep His commandments to the end of our lives". This is a very serious commitment and in return He "promises to forgive our sins and let us return to live with Him". The way in which we "sign" the agreement is by being baptized and remembering that we were baptized each week by going to church on Sunday and partaking of the sacrament thereby "signing" the agreement again or reaffirming our commitment we made when we were initially baptized. Show more

  • Our church is centered on Jesus Christ. He is our foundation, and because of that, we believe that we need to follow His example in all things. One of the main purposes of this life is to become as much like God as we possibly can. In order to do that, we must follow Christ's example. Baptism is an outward declaration of an inward commitment to God. It is a promise to live worthy of the Spirit, and it allows the Spirit to have a more permanent place in our lives and hearts. This Spirit guides us to choose the right, shows us which paths God wants us to take, comforts us in times of trouble, and testifies of truth. Show more

  • Baptism is for the remission of sins. Its a commitment to be born again and gives us a clean start. Baptism is for church membership. Baptism allows us to receive the gift of the holy ghost and live with God after we die. Show more

  • Jesus Christ taught that we must repent and be baptized in order to be saved in the Kingdom of God. We are baptized by the proper authority from God. When we are baptized, we covenant with God to accept Christ and live the way He would, by keeping the commandments and the covenants that we make with Him. Show more

  • We are commanded to baptize in scripture, simple as that. The bible can be vague on the topic, the Book of Mormon lays it out very plainly. Jesus commanded his followers to be baptized, thus showing us the comments made by Peter in Acts on the day of Pentecost were made to tell believers they need to be baptized. My favorite thought on the topic is this: A. He who does the will of the father will enter into the kingdom of heaven (Matt 7:22) B. Jesus came to do the will of the father (John: 6:38) C. Jesus was baptized (Mark 1:9) Therefore, we need to be baptized. Show more

  • The act of baptism is making a covenant, or promise, to our Heavenly Father commiting to Him that we accept Christ, take upon ourselves the name of Christ and follow His example. In return, our Heavenly Father promises to bless us and forgive us, as we are obedient and repent, and in the end, let us return to live with Him. We are baptized to become members of the church because it is imperative in order to return to live with our Heavenly Father (John 3:5). It is a cleansing of the spirirt for the remission of sins. We wish the best for new members, and the joys of being baptized are unforgetable. Show more

  • We follow the example of Jesus Christ, who was baptized by immersion by John the Baptist. Being baptized is a symbol of faith, as it represents the burying of old sins, old ways and old habits, and taking on the name of Jesus Christ. We are "buried" in the water, which represents the environment of the past, and therefore we must be lifted up in order to survive. That lifting up represents our being lifted up by Christ, out of the past, and into the great promises and blessings of being one with Christ. When we come out of the water, we are symbolically a new person in Christ. Show more

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