What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

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One of the greatest reasons for being here on earth is to "have joy" (2 Nephi 2:25). Personal prayer, scripture study, and attending church helps us better understand that the best way to find joy and happiness in this life is to know about Our Heavenly Father's plan of happiness, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to strive to keep God's "law" (Proverbs 29:18). Families are an essential part of God's Plan and much of how we live focuses on our families. We want to share the happiness we enjoy with everyone we can through service, missionary work, and contributing to society.

  • Family is everything to us. Our family spends lots of our free time together because we like each other. Life gets crazy with teenagers, dance practice, after school academic decathlon, usually with a toddler in tow, but no matter what, every Monday night is Family Night. The kids know that every Monday we spend time together and nothing gets in the way of it. It's our commitment to each other. We bake cookies, have lessons about the Savior, work on personal goals, go to the park, go geocaching, play board games or just go out for ice cream. We do lots of things together. The point is that at least once a week we spend an hour or two together, just for the sake of being together, just because we love being together as a family. It's not as perfect as it may sound, with all the poking and "she's in my spot," and all the other crazy things family members do to each other when scrambling for a spot in the living room, but we try real hard. It takes effort to make sure we don't miss, but it's worth it. I'm not sure the kids will remember all the games we played, the places we went or what we did, but I hope they always remember that we loved each other enough to dedicate one night a week to be with each other. And that we spent every Monday night together for as many Mondays as they can remember because family is everything to us, and every member of our family is important. Show more

  • As a Mormon woman, there is no greater pursuit than motherhood. However, that doesn't mean it is our only interest. There are many professional Mormon women. In my congregation alone, there are women that are doctors, university professors, medical researchers, business executives, and the like. Most of these women are also wives and mothers, and have (as I have) creatively juggled their lives to make room for education and work while making sure they are at home for their children. It is, of course, a challenge. But, I have a firm conviction that our loving Father in Heaven provides a way for his daughters to continue to grow and develop personally as they dedicate themselves to nurturing their families in righteousness. Show more

  • The typical Mormon lifestyle is living our lives in harmony with the teachings of the Savior Jesus Christ. We strive to honor baptismal covenants that help us to remember the Savior and follow His teachings. We strive to live by applying principles of faith, repentance, forgiveness, charity, and serving others. We strive to read from the scriptures, both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, as well as the Doctrine in Covenants, have daily personal prayer and family prayer, attend our Sunday meetings, serve in church callings, participate in service projects, have family home evening (once a week, Monday night is designated to specifically spend time as a family in a gospel lesson, fun activities, etc.) and attend the temple. Are we perfect? Not hardly! But we strive to teach, guide, and apply the teachings of Jesus Christ in all that we do. We love to share what makes us happy and help others enjoy the happiness that we have found. Show more

  • I think the reason why people associate a "lifestyle" with being Mormon comes from the fact that we believe religion is much more than a once-a-week thing. The core of our beliefs is the Savior Jesus Christ and consequently we center our lives around Him so that we can become more like Him. Because we know that things such as the Law of Chastity, Law of Tithing, and Law of Health (Word of Wisdom) are from God, we live them. I know that because I have lived these principles, my life has been blessed. I feel joy! I have a continual, calming peace through my day to day living. In a world of confusion, information overload, and competition, living the standards of the Gospel of Jesus Christ- or living the "Mormon lifestyle"- that peace is worth more to me than words can describe. Show more

  • The "Mormon Lifestyle" is more normal than most think. We go to school, have jobs and families, and participate in many of the same activities that everybody else does! However, we choose to keep the commandments of God and abstain from immorality, drugs, alcohol, and any situation that drives the spirit of the Lord away! We put a lot of emphasis on living a faithful life and strengthening our relationships with our Heavenly Father, with Jesus Christ, and within our own families. Things like going to church, personal scripture reading, and prayer help us to do this! Show more

  • for 2 years I am a missionary, I wake up at 6:30, and sleep at 10:30. All the time I am awake I am doing Gods will. Although, not all members of the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are missionaries. Most members live pretty normal lives, before my mission for expample I was going to university studying marketing. Most importantly we try to love life! My parents have been amazing examples of this with their moto "Life is good, life is grand, and I love every minute of it". That is how we "mormons" try to live. Show more

  • In my opinion I would say the mormon lifestyle is full of a bunch of ordinary people trying to become better. I don't know if there is a "one size fits all" member. Especially with the Church world wide, that'd be impossible. But it's people that try to look for the good. Ordinary people who aren't perfect (because no one of us is) but who know that with work and faith they can become whom God wants them to become. We try to focus on the positive things the world has to offer and try to center our lives in God's teachings. We try to be good neighbors, friends, and providers. Above all we recognize the need for a Savior, and when wrong we seek to be forgiven and be better the next time. Show more

  • One of the great things about being Mormon is that there is no perfect profile of a Mormon. I can sit in any church meeting and look around me to see that I am surrounded by people of different ages with different backgrounds, different traditions, and different talents. The Church welcomes all because this is God's Church, and He loves all. Mormons try to live their lives according to God's will, making choices that would make Him proud. Show more

  • Mormons are generally happy, helpful people. They try to keep the commandments throughout the week in all circumstances-- it isn't just Sunday worship, it's a way of life. For instance, we believe in families, so we do our best to strengthen families as ordained by God-- a husband and wife, lawfully married and living in complete fidelity to each other, is the start. We believe in having children, obeying the commandment given to Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the earth. We teach our children the gospel of Jesus Christ as outlined in the scriptures-- we study both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, which together contain the fulness of the gospel. We have additional commandments-- you may have heard that we don't drink coffee or alcohol or that we dress modestly or are careful about the media we watch. These commandments have come from modern prophets who guide us today, but they are based on the same principles God has always taught, that our bodies are temples in which the Holy Spirit can dwell, and we have to be careful about what we put in them. We avoid anything that may be addicting, or that may inhibit our ability to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost who directs us in truth in all things. We dress modestly to show respect for our bodies, remembering what our bodies are divinely appointed for, in marriage and family. Mormons just do their best to follow Jesus Christ's example. We try to be aware of others and help out however we can. Show more

  • Let me tell you about my life. First of all, I am SO happy. I find great joy and spiritual strength everyday. Even when things get hard, I feel so much comfort and peace. Everyday I wake up and get on my knees. I love personal prayers with my Heavenly Father, and I truly believe I am communicating with Him. He does answer. Sometime in the morning, in between feeding my son and making sure my husband is off to work, I study my scriptures. Sometimes I read a certain book straight through and other times I study by topics. I study the Bible, the Book of Mormon and words of living prophets. I LOVE all scripture. This part of my day really makes such a difference in my attitude and in how I handle situations. I have found it is something I cannot miss. I also try to be aware of those in need around me and reach out to them. I love people, and I love making new friends. I love to help people and especially to help them come to know their Savior. Everyday I pray for opportunities to help others. I try to develop my talents and skills, and I live a life free of any drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or any other harmful substance. I avoid media where there is deliberate violence, sexuality, and bad language. Mostly though, I spend 24 hours a day being a mom and a wife. I really believe that I am making an important difference in his life and in the world. The family is fundamental to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Show more

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