How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

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Modesty, language and chastity are all connected in that our bodies are sacred creations made in the image of God. Therefore respecting this sacred gift means reserving physical intimacy for marriage between a man and woman, covering our bodies appropriately in dress and using language about the body that is always uplifting. Parents can teach their children that when they show respect for their bodies in this way, they can qualify to have the benefits of having the Holy Ghost with them.

  • Modesty is almost a precursor for chastity. They are the built upon the doctrine of the sanctity of our body. By being modest in our actions and dress we outwardly show our understanding that we, as a soul, are more than just an object to be flaunted. Our body is a gift from God and he has asked us to save intimacy until after we are married. We show respect for him and ourselves if we hold off until marriage and always dress and act modestly. This principle can be taught to children through example, first and foremost, but also by being honest and explaining to them the importance of it and why we are asked to live it. Use the Holy Ghost as your guide as you teach your children. Show more

  • Chastity is reserving physical intimacy for after marriage. This sexual intimacy is such a beautiful and powerful display of love that it is to be reserved for that special time. When we do this we are showing the respect and love we have for ourselves and our bodies, as the gift from God that they are. Through our dress, language and behavior we also show our self worth and respect for who we are. The neat thing about being modest is the strong self confidence that is exhibited by your outward appearance. There is a power that comes from knowing that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father. As parents teach their children that simple truth, that self confidence will develop and as the desire to be modest in dress, language and behavior will come naturally. I know that this was the case in my life and am super grateful for the teachings of my parents and the high self confidence it cultivated in knowing of my individual worth as a daughter of God. Show more

  • Modesty and Chasity are both about treating your body like a divine gift from Heavenly Father. When we dress modestly and are chaste, we are showing respect and appreciation for Heavenly Father and what he has given us and we are also showing Heavenly Father we know who we are and we respect ourselves. I think the best way to teach children about these two principals is to help them understand how important and beautiful our bodies are, and how immodesty and being unchaste is defiling that beauty. Heavenly Father loves us and he wants what is best for us. He knows that we will be happiest if we respect ourselves by dressing modestly and remaining chaste. Show more

  • We are taught in the Church that our bodies are literally temples for our spirits, created for us by God in His image. We show Heavenly Father our gratitude and respect for our bodies by dressing modestly. When we have an understanding that we are all children of our Heavenly Father, and treat ourselves with respect, we are much more likely to require others to treat us with respect. We are much more likely to be chaste. I think teenage girls have a particularly hard time with all of the images in the media of immodesty being desirable and chastity becoming less important. But girls who can dress modestly know that people will like them for who they are, not what they are wearing. I do everything that I can as a parent to teach my children that they are children of God, and I hope that this knowledge will give them the strength to dress modestly and be chaste when they are older, even if that means that they are different from their peers. Show more

  • Modesty is the outward representation of our chastity. It also assists others to have more chaste thoughts and keeps us away from bad situations. Parents teach best by example, but should also be active in their children's lives to give them good counsel on how to live, but not be overbearing Show more

  • As a young woman I have been protected by my decision to be modest. I am not only modest because I feel my body is sacred, but I love that people treat me with respect because I am modest. My mother has been such an inspiration in my life because she has taught me this through her example. When I was a younger teenager and would sometimes test the principle of being modest, she would explain to me that however I dress is how people view me. This is when I fell in love with the word, "classy". Dressing modest always looks classy and there is nothing about dressing inmodest that looks classy. It is more attractive to see someone dressed classy and modest because than your focus goes onto the person not the outfit. I am so grateful to have learned this at a young age because of my wonderful mother. I have defintely seen its effects by the reactions when I get when meeting people because their eyes go straight to mine. I love it! Show more

  • Not being modest is like taking down a wall of the temple for people to see inside; it's beautiful, but it's sacred. Do you realize that immodesty is letting someone -not ready or worthy- see a special, sacred part of you?? I encourage you to follow this standard wholeheartedly- forget the consequences. I've always looked up to people who really don't care about the popular/social trends; they chose to do what they want no matter what. To me, modesty shows your love for God, Jesus, and everyone, really. So even if you don't get modesty, have faith! You won't regret it! -also, I wish more girls would talk about this since I can only talk from my experience (: Show more

  • What you wear reveals a lot about your values. This can include chastity. When you dress modestly, you show that you respect yourself and your body, which is a sacred gift given to us from our Heavenly Father. We also want to dress modestly to help those of the opposite gender around us keep the law of chastity as well. Many immodest outfits can make it hard for those around us to remain having clean thoughts and actions. We want help those around us succeed in keeping their standards and promises with Heavenly Father. Show more

  •  This world we live in is a very sexual based world. The female and male body is looked upon as an object to be used for one's personal pleasure. Sight is key in sexual attraction. Modesty, dressing in clothes that keep the body's sacred areas covered and chastity refraining from sex before marriage definitely go hand in hand. As humans if we see something that looks good, we usually want it, and we will often figure out ways to get it. Sexuality is no different. Thoughts, and desires will lead to actions. How can parent's teach their children to be modest in dress, language, and behavior? First through their own examples. Mothers, and Fathers are their children's first role models. Daughters want to wear their mom's lipstick, and highheels, Son's want to wear their dad's shoes, and hats. Children will say what we say, and will act the way we act. If we will dress, and behave in a way that shows our children we respect our bodies, God, and ourselves, they will want to emulate that example. I think it's important to point out that just because you dress modestly stomachs/shoulders covered, no deep necklines, or short shorts/skirts doesn't mean you can't be stylish. There are many stylish options out there, and ways to make other clothing modest. Start when children are young. If you dress them stylishly, yet modestly it's not going to be a hard transition for them when they are teenagers. Have a good attitude when shopping for modest clothes. Don't complain that you can't find anything. Be creative, there's always alternative options to every piece of clothing. If you really love that deep neck plunging shirt then buy a cameo to go underneath it, or a scarf to cover the deep plunge of the neckline. There's so many things you can do, and then not only do you get an outfit that is cute, stylish, and covers your body, but one that is original with your own pieces added to it. We're not covering our bodies because they're ugly it's quite the opposite, it's because they are soo beautiful, and desirable that we want to keep their most sacred parts covered. We want to speak, and act in a manner that shows that respect for God, for ourselves, and for others. It starts with you. Show more

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