Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

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Throughout history, God has chosen prophets, such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, and others, to teach the gospel and direct His Church (Amos 3:7). It is no different today. We all need God’s guidance in a world that is sometimes confusing. Because God loves His children, He continues to send living prophets. Joseph Smith (1805–44) was the first prophet of our time. Thomas S. Monson is God’s chosen prophet today.

Just as God led the Israelites out of slavery and to a better place through His prophet Moses, He leads His children today into happier, more peaceful lives when they choose to follow His living prophet. We invite you to listen to the words of living prophets and consider how knowing God’s will can benefit your life.

  • We certainly do! God has given us prophets to lead His church since the beginning of time. We read of prophets like Noah, Abraham, and Moses throughout the entire Bible. So why would God leave us hanging today? Why would he give His Biblical children the guidance of prophets on the Earth, but leave us alone to fend for ourselves? He doesn't of course! We have a prophet on the Earth today named Thomas S. Monson. He leads us and guides us through direct revelation from God, just as the prophets of old did. Show more

  • Absolutely! I believe that Thomas S. Monson is just as much of a prophet today as Moses or Abraham or Enoch! I know that Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet today because I have heard what he teaches and it is in accordance with the scriptures and with what past prophets have said. As I have listened to President Monson's counsel, I have prayed about it and felt a witness from the Holy Ghost that he really is a prophet. I felt that witness from the Holy Ghost in the form of a peace and calm that has come to my heart and my mind. I am grateful that we have a living prophet today who can lead us and guide us with counsel adapted to our day and our unique circumstances. Show more

  • Yes, I truly believe there is a prophet today leading our church and bringing blessings into the world. Why would God provide a prophet in olden days, but not now? Did He love those people more than He loves us? Did they need guidance more than we do? Is the world less confusing now than it was then? The answers to all these questions are no. It only makes sense that God would have a prophet now as He did in days of old. He loves us just as much as He did those people long ago and we need Him just as much as they needed Him then. Show more

  • Yes we do! Heavenly Father is the same yesterday today and forever! Today, God has called a prophet to lead and guide us. His name is Thomas S. Monson. He receives revelation for the issues in our day. We can listen to Him and know what our Heavenly Father wants us to do. I know as you follow God's chosen messengers that we can enjoy happiness, safety, and be led back to Him. Show more

  • I do believe that there is a prophet alive today. This was a concept that I struggled with when I was investigating the Church because I was skeptical of ancient prophets, much less a living prophet. As I worked with the Bishop and Stake President (local Church leaders), I began to see that they could receive revelations for my benefit as well as other Church members for whom they have responsibility. Seeing God's power through these good men that I came to know personally helped me realize that our Heavenly Father directs his Church through modern day prophets. Show more

  • Yes! (You might want to sit down for this great news!) I love reading the stories of prophets in the Old Testament. The prophets spoke to the people of that time about the things they most needed to hear. I'm so grateful that just like in biblical times, we have a prophet for us now! Our prophet truly is a man called by God to help us. I know this is true every time I read his insights and guidance for us in these times. With a living prophet to guide us, we know what to focus on in our personal and family life. Show more

  •  Believing in Christ is believing in his perfection. Being perfect he will always do what is in the best interests of his people. In times past man has needed the assistance of great men to help them in their journey home. That need has never changed. In fact, there has never been a greater need of a prophet to guide the people than there is right now. Show more

  • Sure I do. People have been deceived into believing that there are no prophets throughout biblical history. The first thing the adversary does when there is a prophet on the earth is to try to convince you that there are no such things or that the time has passed. Think about it...when Noah preached to the people and prophesied that the flood was coming, they laughed at him. Even amongst the Jews, they disregarded and/or imprisoned Isaiah and Jeremiah because they prophesied that Israel would be carried away captive into Babylon. I believe that the thing that one must overcome in order to believe that there are prophets alive today is get over the mindset that tells you that prophets have to be splitting the Red Sea or calling down fire from heaven in order to be considered as such. For every great miracle wrought by a biblical prophet there are many more who simply preached about the coming Messiah. Think of the prophets like Joel, Amos, Hosea and Habbakuk. These were prophets sent by God, but they were "boring" because they weren't performing miracles or commanding armies. The people disregarded their counsels at their spiritual peril. Let us not repeat their error by not believing that prophets can't exist today. Let's instead get on our knees and receive our own personal revelation about the ones here amongst us. Show more

  • I don't know of anyone that compares to Moses in individual character, but I have heard of many men with faith just as Moses's. Take a look at the words of the Prophets that have previously been chief-apostle of this church, their wonderful biographies and their 'good fruits.' These are men with such faith in God that they are willing to fully devote all their time and effort to proclaim His gospel, and to labor as his servants in this work. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. God loved his children enough in the past to give them a prophet to guide them throughout their journey's. Would God love us less in these days when the journey's are so much more difficult? My answer I really Do believe that God loves us the same today, that there really is a prophet today who receives revelation from God to guide us throughout our struggles. And what a blessing this is! Show more

  • Yes. Just as God led the Israelites out of bondage to travel to a better place through His prophet Moses, He leads His children today into happier, more peaceful lives when they choose to follow His living prophet. What is a Prophet? He is a spokesman of God, interpreter of the scripture, calls us to repentance, and is the admisnistrator of present Church policy. In Modern times, we are still blessed with a prophet of God. A true prophet is one who has the testimony of Jesus; one who knows by personal revelation that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God, and that he was to be-or has been-crucified for the sins of the world; one to whom God speaks and who recognizes the still small voice of the Spirit. One who holds the holy priesthood; who is a legal admisnistrator; who has power and authority from God to represent him on earth. Atrue prophet is a teacher of righteousness to whom the truths of the gospel have beenrevealed and who presents them to his fellowmen so they can become heirs of salvation in the highest heaven. A true prophet is a witness, a living witness, one who knows, and one who testifies. Such a one, if need be, foretells the future and reveals to men what the Lord reveals to him. Show more

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