How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Official Answer

Along with evidence of His marvelous creations all around you, Heavenly Father has given you many ways to know for yourself that He lives. You can:

  • Talk to Him through prayer and ask Him for reassurance and love.
  • Read the testimonies of special witnesses called apostles and prophets. They have had sacred experiences with God and have recorded these experiences in sacred books called scriptures.
  • Keep His commandments, which bring you closer to God and help you know that He lives.

Your belief in God will grow as you:

Pray to Heavenly Father (James 1:5).
Study the scriptures (2 Timothy 3:14-17).
Obey God’s commandments (John 14:21-23).

As you act on your desire to believe, God will strengthen your belief in Him until it becomes sure knowledge (Book of Mormon, Alma 32:27-35).

  • The first step is just to have a desire to know Him. Next, pray to Him. Talk to Him as if he were really there and listening. Tell Him about your life, and your desire to know if He is real. Ask for reassurance and love. I promise that if you ask with an open heart and sincerity, He will answer your prayers in his own time and way. Continue to nourish your growing faith by reading scriptures such as the Bible and Book of Mormon. They contain the words of prophets who have all had sacred experiences with God, from which they gain wisdom that can aid us in our journey to come nearer to him. Lastly, the easiest way to grow closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is to obey their commandments. As we strive to align our lives with our Savior's, we can grow closer to our Father in Heaven. Show more

  • I have been able to strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father the most through scripture study and prayer. When I pray I can feel that I am not just talking to myself but that I actually have a Father in heaven who is listening to me and cares about my life. When I read the scriptures I feel like God answers me back. He inspired those people long ago to write about things that can directly relate to my life and when I have faith, He guides my study and helps me find answers to my questions. I am so grateful for my relationship with God! Show more

  • I have come to know our Father in Heaven through private prayer and service. As I pray and receive answers through impressions and feelings, I am able to assist in His work. At other times, I have been comforted at the times when I needed it most by a very real presence. I feel His love as I serve others and I can feel His love for them. Show more

  • I love this question because I had to find out personally for myself if Heavenly Father knows me and how I could be sure He was there for me. I had always been taught growing up that Heavenly Father was real and that He lives. I was taught that I can have a close and personal relationship with Him. I got older, and still went with what Primary teachers, my parents, and family told me. It wasn´t until recently when I truly came to know and understand that I know my Heavenly Father, He knows me, and that He lives. I knelt down in an out-loud prayer and asked Heavenly Father in faith these 5 questions: 1) Heavenly Father, do you even exist? Are you really there? 2) Heavenly Father, are you really my Father? 3) Do you know me? Do you know everything about me? 4) Do you know what I feel and think? Do you know what I am going through when times are tough or when times are great? 5) Heavenly Father, do you love me? After asking these questions in a sincere, humble prayer I received answers and the confirmation that Heavenly Father does live. He is there. He loves each of us far more than we could ever imagine or comprehend. He knows us personally and individually, better than we know ourselves. He knows how we feel, for He sent His son to the earth to feel the pains and sufferings and challenges every person experiences. Show more

  • The same way that you come to know anyone better, talk with him. Our Heavenly father blessed us with prayer, which is the means by which we converse with him. Think of every prayer as a phone call, not writing a letter; expect God to answer your prayers and listen for his response. Prayer is a two way conversation and the best way to come to know our Father in Heaven and what he wants for us. Show more

  • In the Book of Matthew in the Bible, it says "Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you." When you go up to a house and the door is closed, what can you do? You can ask other people if someone lives there, who they are, what they are like. But how can you know for sure? How do you know they aren't making it up? How do you know someone really is there? You go up to the house and knock. The same can be said about God. You can ask others if He exists and what He is like. But how can you know for sure without "knocking?" Pray. Praying is knocking upon Heaven's door and waiting for God to answer. You'll get your answer. Show more

  • To come to know our Heavenly Father we need to talk to him. When I left home for school my dad expected me to call home every night to tell him about my day. It is that same way Heavenly Father wants to hear from us. We left his presence for a brief time to learn and grow and he wants to hear how we are doing. He wants to hear our laughs, our crys, our questions, and our concerns. The best way to get to know someone is by asking questions and waiting for the reply. By praying sincerely and then waiting for the response we can build a relationship with our Father in Heaven that can't be broken. Show more

  • Compare our relationship of our Heavenly Father and us with a father and his son. Any good father wants his son to talk with him. He wants to know how he is doing and the experiences he is having. This is our Heavenly father´s relation towards us. He wants to listen to us. Sometimes, as human beings, we act as though we are adolescent teenagers. We don´t want to have to do anything with Him, but He is always there for us. There is a scripture in the Book of Mormon (2 Nephi 28:32) that explains this quite clearly. "For notwithstanding I shall lengthen out mine arm unto them from day to day, they will deny me;, I will be merciful unto them, saith the Lord God, if they will repent and come unto me; for mine arm is lengthened out all the day long, saith the Lord God..." God is always willing to help us and talk to us. One more scripture from the Bible (Mathew 7:11) also explains how willing God is to answer our prayers. "If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?" God is waiting like a patient father to hear us talk to Him. If He is waiting and willing to answer our prayers, all we need to do is ask Him if He exists, and He will answer our prayer. Show more

  • How do you come to know anybody down here on Earth? You talk to them, you ask them questions, you listen to them, and you try to see their point of view. The better you get to know them the more you trust them and become more willing to try new things they suggest for you to do. Coming to know your Heavenly Father requires nothing more than coming to know anybody else. Start out by talking to Him in prayer and asking questions to get to know Him (some of the best counsel I've ever been given was to simply ask "Heavenly Father, are you there?" and sit and wait a while for an answer). As you ask sincere questions, He will respond through the Holy Ghost and assure you He is watching over you (I know from experience!). You can then start to see things more from His point of view as you study His counsel in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. As you continue studying and praying, you will start to trust Him and better understand how deeply He loves you, and you will want to "try the things He suggests" by living the commandments He has given us. As you do so, you'll be able to see the joy that gospel living brings and you'll want to make covenants, or promises, to bring yourself even closer to Him. I can promise that the best Individual you could focus on building a relationship with is your Heavenly Father! He is the only being you can always, constantly, and completely rely on to love you, to give you perfect advice and counsel, and to care for your well-being! Show more

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