Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

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Man is composed of two parts: a mortal body, and an immortal spirit. The Lord calls our body a ‘tabernacle’ or a ‘temple’ since it is the temporary residence of our eternal spirit (see Book of Mormon, Mosiah 3:5; 1 Corinthians 3:16). Since the spirit and the body together are the soul of man (see Doctrine and Covenants 88:15), what affects one affects the other. By taking care of our bodies we make our “tabernacles” an acceptable house for our spirits. By defiling our bodies with drugs, tobacco, or unwholesome foods it affects our spirits adversely.

  • Our bodies are a gift from our loving Heavenly Father. He has given us the opportunity to come to earth and receive our bodies because He wants us to become like him! God has a body of flesh and bone, we were created after His image. When we came to this earth our spirits (created by our Heavenly Parents) and our bodies (created by our earthy parents) united for our mortal experience. Our bodies are an important tool for learning and growth. As we care for them properly we will be ready to learn the lessons our Father has prepared for us. As well as be physically able to act on the promptings that we can receive from His Holy Spirit. In order to hear promptings from our Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost we must be clean and pure. His Spirit cannot dwell in unholy places. However as we keep ourselves worthy the Spirit of the Lord can truly dwell within us! This is what the scriptures mean when the prophets teach that our bodies are Temples. Our bodies house our spirits and they also have the potential to receive the Holy Ghost! Show more

  • Our bodies are so incredible! it is amazing what the mind and the body together can do. Just as beautiful temples are sacred to those who believe in their worth, when we value our bodies we are capable of doing even more than we could before because we are healthy and alert. I know that the times when I have taken care of my body I have made better choices, and felt God's presence more strongly in my life. Show more

  • One of our greatest life blessings is our body. Like the parable of the talents, we have the opportunity to develop and make the most out of our body. Basic health practices, such as sleeping, exercising, and eating well, allow us to work productively throughout the day and bless the lives of others. I recently graduated from graduate school and began with my friends to search for employment. My friends, even of other faiths, would frequently comment that an opportunity would or wouldn't feel right. I believe it's very important that we pay attention to both our thoughts and feelings. We all come to life with a conscious, and God influences us through our thoughts and feelings. This being said, it is important that we are careful of the influences upon our mind and heart. A commandment we follow in the church is the 'Word of Wisdom,' which is that we refrain from any substances (and even visual images) which have the potential to impair our thinking and feeling. I am grateful to follow this word of wisdom; it has blessed me to think clearly through my studies and make wise life decisions. As we allow our heart and mind to be free to receive God's guidance, it is truly a temple unto where God's influence may abide and direct our lives. Show more

  • If we take care of our bodies and follow what was told long before Doctors gave the advice, the angle of death will pass us by. this is found in the word of wisdom. this means eat healthy, excercise,and get plenty of rest. this will inprove our health and make us stronger and look better. Show more

  • Our bodies are gifts from God. We are given these bodies during this life as we try to become more like Him. Our bodies house our spirits, therefore we need to take care of them! Just like any other gift we receive, we should care for our bodies so that we can use them to their fullest. We believe that we should eat good, wholesome things that will help our bodies to be healthy. Not only does this help us to feel better physically, but it also helps us to feel better spiritually! A temple is a place where the spirit of God can dwell, and our bodies are also a place where His spirit can dwell. Just as we feel better living in our homes when they are clean and taken care of, our spirit can better live in a clean, taken-care-of body. When we take care of ourselves we are more alert and active. We can enjoy doing more things. We show respect for God's gift as we take care of it and receive many blessings for that! As we take care of our bodies we can better feel the spirit, or God's presence in our lives. Show more

  • Our mortal bodies are a miracle in and of themselves. The power of procreation, the seeds that started life is beyond mans ability to comprehend. We know through scriptural passages that the body, in the eyes of God, is a temple and that we are to care for it as such. Our mortal bodies have a purpose, as the Savior and His body had a purpose. Our mortal bodies house our spirits and for a short period of earth life our spirit and bodies will be together. Then death comes and the spirit rises and our body goes back to mother earth. But, the body and the spirit have not ended their association at death, because there will be a time that the body and the spirit will once again unit for eternity never to be separated again. This is called the resurrection and the Savior was the first to be resurrected. Therefore, our bodies are sacred, and should be treated with great care, the materials of the earth that we take into our bodies will have a direct effect upon our bodies. Good food and ample water coupled with fresh air and exercise will allow our bodies to be as good as they can be under the conditions this earth allows. When our bodies are healthy, our spirits will be assisted. When we are spiritually strong our bodies will be blessed. The soul of man is his spirit and body together, both of which are of equal importance in the great plan of our Father in Heaven. Show more

  • Your body was created in the image of God, either male or female, and was given to you to house your spirit body inside it as part of "God's Plan of Life" so that you can become like Him! You will have this body throughout this life and again in our after life, thanks to Jesus, as a Resurrected being. The better you take care of it, the more you will enjoy those things that God has created for you. If you don't take care of it, or take harmful stimulants or drugs into your body that can cause you to act not normal and dull your spiritual gifts,, then you will be denying yourself of a good life which will also affect the mansion in heaven you will dwell in after this life! Show more

  • It is important to take care of our bodies because our bodies are temples of God. Our bodies are called temples of God becuase the spirit of God (the Holy Ghost) dwells within us, helping us to choose the right and guiding us so that we may be safe. The only way that our bodies can be guided or assisted is if we are "clean" and aware. By taking harmful substances like: tobacco, drugs or coffee/tea. We inhibit the influence that the Holy Ghost has on us. Show more

  • The Bible calls our bodies temples of God because our spirits live inside them, so they are a "house" for us, just like a Temple is "the house of the Lord". It is important to take care of our bodies for many reasons. First, because we are indebted to God for creating us. Also, because we are here for a purpose and cannot accomplish that purpose without our bodies. We also want to be functioning well so that we can do the things we are meant to do - work and play - in good and healthy ways so that we can continue functioning well. Also, because the Lord said so. And that should be good enough. Also, because we believe we will be resurrected when Christ comes again, and at that time our bodies and spirits will be reunited together. So that is something to look forward to with much respect and appreciation! Show more

  • Our bodies, as told us in the sciptures, is just a home for our spirit. The Lord gave us our body to carry our spirit through the life we call earth. We need to take care of our bodies because the Lord gave them to us. When we are careful with what we eat and how we use our bodies, the Lord blesses us and we are more happy and able to serve! Show more

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