Simon Müller: Alpine Germany, Taekwondo, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Mormonen.

Hallo, ich heiße Simon Müller

Zu meiner Person

I grew up in a family with two brothers and one sister. It was a pretty busy life for my parents. Most of the time we wern't easy children. Im still thankfull for the patience of my parents. After I grow up, I started to work as a Mechanical Engineer. It was a fun time. Since I was a child I love to do Taekwondo, it's a great feeling to be in a compition and fight with someone and be a good friend afterwards. At the moment my hobby is preaching the Gospel in the Alps. It`s a great expierence to see how the Gospel can change lives and give hope to other people, it is also a great preparation for my own family in the future.

Warum ich Mormone bin

I grew up in the church, but I never had a testimony. At the age of twelve I left the church and tried to make my own life. I wasn`t really successful, through doing this, i recieved a lot of trials and sadness, and I had many problems with the commandments. After these years I got depressed and thought really often, why Im still here? I didnt think there was a point in being here. Luckily, my best friend, who is like a brother to me was a very active member of the church, and he cared about me and invited me to some church activities. After this, I tried to change my life, because I did again see this happiness that I lost. I started to pray, read in the scriptures and going to church. I was able to recieve many blessings from my dad, and after a while I got my answer and it was one of the most intence expierences in my life. Now I know the truth and I want to walk back to my Heavenly Father.

Eigene Erlebnisse

Welche Rolle spielt das Gebet in Ihrem Leben?


Wie ich meinen Glauben lebe

I try to be a diciple of Jesus Christ, even if Im alone and no one can see me. It`s sometimes hard to have enough love and patience for all people. I try to serve in every possibility that I see and try always to be an example for other people, especially the young ones. I tell every one that Im a Mormon and I try to be an example through living the standards. But still, I know there is a lot for me to learn.