Sascha Prohaska: Mormonen.

Hallo, ich heiße Sascha Prohaska

Zu meiner Person

I was raised up in Switzerland in a LDS family with two brothers and one sister. I am the third one. I am 20 years old and finished my education as a machinist. Now I am working at my fathers company as a medical technician. Since I am six years old I am diabetic. My hobbies are mostly team sports like soccer, volleyball or unihockey, but also snowboarding, swimming, wakeboarding and obsticleruns.

Warum ich Mormone bin

When I was 16 years old I was struggeling with the church and I didnt like to go there anymore. Fortunately my parents had a great idea and send me for 5 months to a lds Family in Utah. This was lifechanging for me. The hostfamily "adopted me as their son" and i could experience the good influence of the Gospel in my life. It was a turnover in my life and now i am preparing myself for going on a Mission.

Eigene Erlebnisse

Auf welche Weise sind Ihre Gebete schon erhört worden?

In the MTC I once was struggling and I wanted to give up. But then I thought, I should say a prayer. I asked for help and endurance, for all those trials here and right after I was done saying it, I felt such a strong love in my heart and I knew, that God was listening to that prayer and that he cares about me. The next view days, I really felt his support and everything was going well. This strengthen my testimony a lot and every time when I struggle, I think of that experience. I know that God is there and listens to our prayers and that when we give our best and show faith, that he will NEVER let us down.

Wie ich meinen Glauben lebe

In Church I have a call as a Sunday school teacher for 12 to 14 years old teenagers. I also used to be the sportleader of our ward.