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Hi I'm Brian

I am a Mormon

About Me

I am a painter. I mostly paint people though not portraits. They are more like stylized paintings about being people. I love my family, I love my work, I love music and traveling. I love dogs. I love food (especially Thai-- I lived in Bangkok for five years as a child). I have such friends, I tell you, such friends. I am not especially easy to live with, but I love and am loved by my family and friends. That is a nice thing.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I have found very much that is beautiful and true in virtually every faith I have examined, I have come to realize that there is a particular and vital redemptive work underway and progressing in the hands of the Latter Day Saints under Gods direction. Although the Church and its members is by no means perfect,I am convinced that this work is true and necessary, and that I am called and pleased to participate in it. I believe Jesus to be directing this work in a particular and active way and I have come to know Him and feel His influence as I have actively engaged in His service, scriptures and ordinances.

How I live my faith

Faith is living. If faith does not motivate action, well, then it isn't. I hope my faith drives everything I do; working, playing, delights and quotidian drudgeries alike, to say nothing of worship, both the focused purposeful conciously directed kind (prayer, singing, study, medatating) as well as the incidental, unanticipated surprise kind (being suddenly rescued from danger or mortification, or suddenly being aware of how unspeakably beautiful something or someone is, or suddenly realizing quite independant of my own virtue or intention I am being involved in something that God intends). I think the first sort of worship prepares me to experience and notice the second kind.