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Will Being Unchaste Affect My Spirit?

By Mormon.org
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Resurrecting Chastity

Chastity may seem old-fashioned or even dead, but there are many ways this age-old virtue can ensure our happiness and help us avoid unnecessary spiritual pain. Read on to learn why resurrecting chastity is a worthy pursuit.

The Definition

First of all, because chastity or sexual purity is largely a disintegrating virtue, it may be helpful to define it. If you are a chaste individual, you strive to keep your thoughts, words, and actions morally clean. You don’t have sexual relations if you’re not married, and if you are married, you keep your promise of sexual exclusivity to your spouse with complete fidelity. You also avoid anything to do with pornography.

The Two Parts of You

There are two parts of you—your body and your spirit (see 1 Corinthians 6:19–20). These two parts are currently intimately tethered to one another. What affects the body affects the spirit. Conversely, what affects the spirit also affects the body.

If you suddenly fall down and cut your knee, if someone jumps out and surprises you, if you receive a hug, if you finish a marathon—all of these things affect your spirit and trigger thoughts and emotions, which are spiritual. Conversely, if you are depressed, angry, stressed, happy, excited, optimistic, and so on, your body will respond to your thoughts and feelings.

Your body and your spirit will always be affected positively by your choice to live a clean moral life, and it often takes a determined focus on the future to stay on safe ground.

A World of Opposing Forces

All human gifts, talents, and abilities can be used for good or evil. The choice is ours. Human sexuality is a gift that likewise can be used for good or evil. Its use always falls in either a selfish or unselfish category. To exercise this gift selflessly takes discipline and vision. It also takes maturity and understanding.

Individuals who choose to live a chaste life understand that sexual thoughts, words, and actions never affect only themselves. Their current family and future family will either be strengthened or weakened according to how they choose to think, speak, and act.

The choice we make regarding how to use this gift has a profound, lasting effect on our spirits and on the spirits of our family members. Sexual relations within a traditional, committed marriage relationship occur in a spiritually safe place and have vast potential to strengthen husbands and wives, build love, and create a firm foundation for their future children.

In this short video, Church members explain the importance for them of being sexually pure.

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