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What is the Book of Mormon About?


The Book of Mormon is a sacred book of scripture containing a record of ancient people who lived in the Americas. It is another testament of Jesus Christ that confirms many truths found in the Bible.

What is the Setting of the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon describes events that took place somewhere in the Americas between approximately 600 BC and AD 400. It contains stories and religious histories of ancient groups of people who lived in the Americas at that time.

Who Wrote the Book of Mormon?

Like the Bible, the Book of Mormon was written by a series of ancient prophets. The Book of Mormon is named after an ancient prophet named Mormon, who abridged the records of his people.

There are some people who think that Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet who restored The Church of Jesus Christ in 1830, wrote the Book of Mormon. Rather, he was the person who translated it. The actual records were written hundreds of years earlier by ancient prophets. Through an angel, God directed Joseph Smith to these records and gave him the means to translate the book.

What is the Purpose of the Book of Mormon?

More than a history book, however, the Book of Mormon exists to bear witness of Jesus Christ—who He is, what He taught, why He died, and His resurrection from the dead. There are more than 6,000 verses in the Book of Mormon. Nearly 4,000 of those verses mention Jesus.

The culminating event in the Book of Mormon is the appearance of Jesus Christ sometime shortly after His Resurrection in the old world to a group of people living in the Americas (3 Nephi 11). These people had never met Jesus, because He had lived in Jerusalem in the eastern hemisphere. But they had learned about Him from prophets and through scripture. After Jesus died and was resurrected, He visited these people and taught them how they—and all people—can return to the kingdom of God. Jesus taught the same doctrines that He taught during His mortal life, as recorded in the New Testament: repentance, humility, and baptism in His name.

The Book of Mormon was purposely hidden and saved to be revealed during our time. God prepared the Book of Mormon to be a second witness to the sacred truths found in the Bible and to witness to you the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How Can You Know the Book of Mormon is True?

In the last chapter of the Book of Mormon, the ancient prophet Moroni made a promise to all who wish to know if the book is true (Moroni 10:3–5). When you read the book and sincerely pray to God about its message, you can know by the power of the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon contains the words of God.