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What is a Mormon Prayer?


A Mormon prayer is a personal, meaningful, and reverent conversation with God. Through prayer, individuals thank God for what they have, share their feelings with Him, and then ask Him for help, guidance, and specific blessings for themselves and others. 

Mormon prayers aren’t repetitive

For Mormons, praying to God is a one-on-one conversation with God, a chance to speak openly about their day and about what they’re feeling or going through.

Because prayers are personal, meaningful conversations, Mormon prayers aren’t memorized or repetitive. While some things that people ask God might be similar (for example, thanking God for their family or asking God to keep their family safe throughout the day), each prayer is different, based on the challenges of the day and the specific needs of people praying.

Mormons pray to Heavenly Father in Jesus’s name

Mormon prayers are addressed to Heavenly Father and are closed in the name of Jesus Christ (see John 16:23–24). Mormons show love and respect for God by addressing Him as “Heavenly Father” and then speaking to Him using the pronouns Thee, Thou, Thy, and Thine. The prayer is closed by saying “in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.” Closing a prayer in Jesus’s name reminds Mormons that the only way to God is through His Son (see John 14:6).

There are basic elements of every Mormon prayer

You might be wondering, if Mormons don’t say memorized prayers, how do Mormons pray? While what’s said in a prayer varies by person, the general format of how to pray is the same.

After addressing God, Mormons first thank Him for everything He has blessed them with, from their health and their family to getting a job promotion or passing a hard chemistry exam. Every good thing comes from God (see James 1:17), so it’s important each day to recognize and express gratitude for the blessings God bestows. Mormons may use their personal prayers confess their sins to God, repent of them and seek forgiveness. Then they share their feelings with God. God is our Heavenly Father, and as our Heavenly Parent, He wants to hear how His children are feeling, whether they’re happy, sad, afraid, anxious, and so on. Mormons express their sincere worries, hopes, and desires to God. Then they ask God for help and blessings, for themselves and for those they know who need His help. Finally, they close their prayer in Jesus’s name and say “amen.”

There are four attributes to consider when praying

When addressing God and speaking to him through prayer, there are some attributes that may help you to have a more purposeful prayer: faith, sincerity, humility, and a seeking heart. You must have faith that God will hear and answer you. Your prayer should include your sincere desires, and you should pray with a sincere heart. Humility shows God that you want His divine guidance, so when you humble yourself before God, He will then strengthen you and answer your prayers. Lastly, God wants to hear from you and wants to help you, but He does this only when you seek His help.

Mormons believe God hears and answers everyone’s prayers

God hears and answers the prayers of all His children. It may be hard to understand how He hears and answers the prayers of billions of people, but because He is an all-knowing and loving God, He can and does.

Some people struggle with receiving answers to their prayers. God does answer every prayer, but His answers aren’t always the answers people want, or they aren’t given when people expect to receive them. Mormons know they will receive answers from God in either direct or subtle ways, and they also know that prayers are answered according to God’s perfect timing.