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How Do Mormons Use Tithing?

By Mormon.org

How Do Mormons Use Tithing?

Giving tithing is a practice common among Christians throughout the world. The law of tithing is found in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and many contemporary sects of Christianity preach it as an important, sacred ordinance.

Mormons, as Christians, believe in paying tithing. Mormons are counseled by their leaders to give 10 percent of their income to the Church as a tithe. But what happens to that money once the Church collects these voluntary offerings? Let’s find out. 


Mormon temples are some of the most strikingly beautiful buildings in the world, and they’re built using tithing money.

Mormon temples are open to all members of the Church who are worthy to enter them. Inside temples, Church members participate in sacred ordinances and make personal promises with God to live His laws and gospel to the best of their abilities. In temples, families are joined, or sealed, together for eternity, which allows these families to be together again after this life.

Church Buildings

Mormon meetinghouses are also built and maintained using tithing funds. These meetinghouses aren’t just for Sunday worship, however. They serve as a focal point of Mormon communities, where local Church leaders host activities for the children and youth of the Church, community parties, dances, and nighttime spiritual discussions, often called devotionals or firesides. 

Missionary Work

Mormon missionaries are hard to miss. They’re always dressed up and wearing name tags, and if they’re on a bike they’ll be wearing a helmet.

Young Mormon men and women ages 18 to 25 are able to serve missions, which last up to two years. They leave behind their families, educational pursuits, and careers to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. They don’t get paid; in fact, they pay for their transportation, clothing, housing, and food themselves! In some cases, where these young men and women or their families can’t afford to pay all of the costs of missionary service, tithing is used to help pay for these young adults to serve as missionaries. 


Learning about the world and about the gospel of Jesus is a high priority for Mormons. Tithing supports Church educational programs like seminary and institute classes and helps pay for Church universities.


Mormons can also make additional donations to support humanitarian efforts and to assist members of their local congregations—and 100 percent of those funds go directly to those in need. Tithing helps cover the administrative costs of providing extensive relief programs around the world, including welfare, vocational, rehabilitative, counseling, and other services.

Why Pay Tithing?

It might seem like a big thing to ask someone to voluntarily give up 10 percent (or more!) of his or her income, right? For many it is a significant sacrifice—but God rewards abundantly those who pay their tithing (see Malachi 3:10–12). Read about dozens of modern-day examples of the blessings that obedience to this law brings.