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How can your talents and gifts bless others?

  • Well I love plant and there are many plant and many people! A good convo starter is to give them a plant and when they ask you a question answer back with " Would you like to hear about the Mormons? Show more

  • I had the wonderful opportunity to go out with missionaries once and I had a very wonderful experience. I speak six languages one being American Sign Language. We had an appointment to see a family but they were busy at the time so we were going to drive and to another family's home for a quick visit. The other family was close so I asked my companion if we could just walk there and he said yes. It was Christmas time so we were waving at people outside. One elderly lady we waved at just stared at us so we told her Merry Christmas and she made the motion she was deaf. She told me she had read The Book of Mormon but was unable to find anyone that knew sign language. I was blessed to teach her the Restoration of the Gospel and she knew with out a doubt the church is true because she could feel it in her heart. Show more

  • I have seen first hand how learning to play the piano at an early age continues to bless me and others around me. In our congregations each Sunday, I have played the piano since I was 12 years old to present. I recently was asked to learn the organ. I play for Sunday service each week. As I play the hymns each week I often think of how hymns open the door to create the reverent atmosphere for a Sunday service; and I feel honored that I can play it. Show more

  • My confidence in the restored gospel, my desire to teach others, and my memory of why it is essential to eternal life. I am a friendly person without a "Holier than thou" personality. I love it when people ask me a question about the church. I believe that members of the church know I have a testimony and enjoy hearing it. I do this frequently on Fast Sunday. Show more

  • Because of my abilities as a pediatrician and an instructor in neonatal resuscitation I have been able to give of my time and am able to help teach other doctors and nurses how to use these same principles to save the lives of newborn babies that are in distress. The church also donates equipment to all the hospitals to use to help save the lives of babies. I had a doctor in Brazil who works in a very rural, poor area tell me after attending one of the courses put on by the church, that the week before the course they had a baby born at their clinic that was not breathing and they had no way of helping the baby and they watched as the baby died. However, now after attending the course and receiving the medical equipement given to them by the Mormon church, they will never again have to sit by and watch a baby die without being able to step in and help. By using my talents I am being able to help save the lives of babies all over the world Show more

  • we are all different . in every way . that's the way it's supposed to be . i don't know the things you know , and you don't know where i've been . the life experiences i have are not from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints . i didn't go to church for 50 years . i'm an alccoholic , but i have been sober since 1989 . i did every bad thing . now i don't . i have come back to church now and have found that i have a story to tell that is helpful to many people that have wandered from the straight and narrow . i work with missionaries and am able to help people understand the church in common language . i work with troubled and addicted people and have success with people opening up and being honest with themselves . a healing thing , as it were , and it's hard to lie to me . i've been there . that is a gift that i have that i can now use . it took me long to come back , and i'm never going back out there . i'm going to stay right here and help less fortunate souls any way i can . i love this church and the teachings . it's simple , logical and true . that's it Show more

  • I believe, and our church believes, that all of our gifts and talents are a gift from our Heavenly Father. He has given each of us an ability to do something, and He wants us to use those abilities for the good of everyone. I have been blessed with the ability to sing. I am not the best, nor will I ever be the best. But I use the voice that I have to bring music to people. I am always finding ways to improve my talents, and that pleases Heavenly Father so much. Just like when we get gifts at Christmas or for our birthdays, the people who give us the gifts want us to use them. Every single person has a talent or gift. Some people are good at math, some are good at football, some are good at acting, etc. Always use what talents you have to benefit everyone. Show more

  • I have a lot of disabilities, so it's hard for me to think that I have any talents or gifts. In a blessing I received from a special member of our Stake, he told me that I am a gift from God. That I am a gift of love. Over the years, my parents have seen this unfold. Mom says I have opened doors that were closed to members. She says I have softened hearts that had no desire to know God. My love and enthusiasm for life, for Church, for others just shines through and I love everyone. My love is my strongest gift and others feel it. How does this bless their lives? My foster brothers softened their anger with their situations. Family and friends have softened their own disappointments with their situations. Everyone says they feel a special spirit in me. Other mothers want to protect me, other boys my age want to follow my example of enthusiasm for service. Church leaders want me to be included and involved. Everyone helps me feel included, therefore everyone is learning to be of service to others. When we are in the service of others we are in the service of our Lord. And He blesses our efforts. Show more

  • We are all distinctly unique from one another, and this is all part of our Heavenly Father's perfect plan for us. He knew that we would all excell in different areas, therefore balancing the entire structure or existence. Our responsibility, as His children, is to remember that WE are a piece of that amazing plan. Our role, as insignificant as it may seem, is crucial to the proper function of all other related & unrelated pieces of this "machine". When we think about the minor details of daily life, often we forget how important the talents & abilities are, of those around us. When we hop in the car & go run errands, thousands & thousands of peoples' abilities & talents are at work. As a musician, it's clear to me that no matter how simple some piece of the puzzle seems, it's complexity of purpose is always evident, the moment it disappears. For example, the entire outcome of a live musical performace, depends solely & entirely upon the tiniest little strand of copper (as thin as a strand of hair), inside the tiniest glass fuse, found in the surge protector of a plug strip. If that strand of copper failed, or was missing in action, nothing would function, until it was replaced. Like that tiny strand of copper, we have bright, shining abilities that can contribute to the greater good of some phenomenally collective "performance". Whether it's sorting mail, fixing cars, driving trucks, or singing at the top of your lungs... Our talents & gifts bless the lives around us, every single day. All we have to do is let them do what they do best... Shine. Show more

  • At the kickoff of my mission service in Alabama, a very inspired sister missionary gave me advice that resonated in my heart from that moment til today. She told me that; "God has called YOU to Alabama to serve because He needed YOU there. He knows who you are, what experiences you have had, and what you are capable of; He knows that there are people prepared to hear the gospel that will easier accept it because of the influence you will have on them. He knows there are people that need your strength." Funnily enough her counsel reined true for not only me, but for her as well; I needed to hear those words, and God knew it. Reflecting on this concept, I have come to realize how true of a principle it is! We all have very different skills and talents from another; we are all unique. Some of us may have been blessed with the gift of being great leaders, while others of us may be more inclined to be a good listener and follower. Some of us may not be able to give great advice in time of hardship but can help a friend through that trial by creating a fun environment, making the pains of tribulation slip away in laughter. Others of us may be that person who can be the shoulder to cry on and provide advice and wisdom to those who are down trodden and afraid. A dear friend once said to me; "It is interesting that all the joy we experience comes from the influence of another, whether they be family and friends or of a more divine nature." If all joy we feel is from the good influence and the God given talents of our friends and family, I think it is equally important to recognize the talents we have been given, develop them, and use them to bring that same joy into another's life. I strongly believe that God has given us each talents not only to bless our own lives, but to bless those around us as well; so I urge you to find what your talents are, and use them! Then when you ask yourself; "Have I done any good today?" You can answer, "Yes!" True joy can be found therein. Show more

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