Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

  • I pray everyday, multiple times a day. Prayer brings peace and helps me further develop my relationship with my Heavenly Father. Prayer makes me understand that I am never alone because whenever I need to talk to someone my Heavenly Father is there to listen to me. He will always be there for me and is happy when I pray. He loves me, and everyone, more than we can imagine so naturally he wants to communicate with us. Whenever I have a problem or am an emotional wreck, I know that if I pray I can find peace and I know that my prayers will be answered. The may not be give me the answer I want or in the time I want, but the Lord knows what I NEED. He will always be there for me. Show more

  • Many people question the validity of silently speaking with an unseen being. Most people admit to the possibility of God, or gods, or a supreme creator, yet balk at the idea that any of these things could be understood by humans. What seems like pride - the belief that we are important enough to receive answers concerning eternal matters - is actually humility. We open ourselves to the possibility, test the theory, and trust the results. What might seem like humility - accepting the fact that we as humans can't learn anything of eternity and therefore consider such endeavors as wasted - is pride in a dangerous form. It is intellectual laziness disguised as high-level thinking. I won't deny that at one point I was actually victim to that very mindset, and it was not until I sufficiently humbled myself and was willing to seek and receive an answer that God testified to me the truth of his existence and what I was expected to do now that I had gained this knowledge. Even now I find myself "seeking" answers and becoming frustrated when I don't get them, but patience is one of the greatest virtues of humanity - why would God exempt me from practicing it? Show more

  • I can honestly say that learning to pray properly has helped me to conquer clinical depression! When I learned that prayer is not to be just about asking for things, but more about expressing gratitude, I came to know just how blessed I am -- and how many positive things there are in the world...which led to an ability to climb out of the depths of depression. Prayer starts my day (I roll out of bed onto my knees), setting the tone with the reassurance that I am a daughter of God, who loves me and wraps me in His cloak of safety; prayer ends my day with thanks for all the opportunities to help others and to grow that occurred within it. Prayer is rest, hope, and inspiration -- what a privilege it is to lay one's concerns and problems at the feet of Heavenly Father and know that you don't have to carry them alone! I am so grateful for the gift of prayer. Show more

  • I didn't think much of prayer before. To me, it was just something you were supposed to do every night before you go to bed asking for everything you want to have. I felt like a pest, and I was running out of things to say, so eventually I quit praying altogether. Then I learned an amazing thing prayer is supposed to be two-way communication! Learning to pray this way is challenging, but immeasurably rewarding. A direct line of communication with God - this is exactly what Satan does not want, and I think that's why so many people are convinced that having a dialogue with God is not possible. But it is! He is eager and willing to talk to all His children. There are many ways He does this. Most often, it is through the quiet promptings of the Holy Spirit, which often come to our minds as good/bad feelings, spontaneous thoughts, or a gradual awareness. He also uses the words of others - in conversation, in book, in lyrics - which come to us with greater force than usual, alerting us that He has something to share through them. He also uses dreams, visions, and more rarely, visitations from heavenly beings. I now see that prayer is much more than I thought it was, and so crucial to our spiritual development. Show more

  • It has been said that the distance between myself and Heavenly Father is the same distance between my knees and the floor. Prayer has helped me grow closer to my Heavenly Father when I have had times of struggle or distress because I know who I can go to and I know He is listening. I am so grateful for that fact. I know that wherever I am I can go to him. He helps me to learn more about myself just by calming my fears. I know that no matter where you come from, whatever your ethnicity is, whatever gender you are, you can always pray to Heavenly Father. We are all children of God and He loves all of us. I am a daughter of God. He loves me and I love Him. Show more

  • Prayer, for me, was just something I was told to do up until a few months ago when I read the same scripture Joseph smith read (James 1:5-6). previously, I had used this scripture as justification that I should only pray when I needed something, but now I see it differently, I see an excuse to always be praying. Always praying for the companionship of the Holy Ghost and the knowledge that what I'm doing is right. Through prayer anyone, even you, can know that Jesus is the Christ, that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and that this is truth. take up Moroni's promise (Moroni 10:3-5), read, search, ponder,and pray about everything you learn. Show more

  • I know that God truly is the Father of our spirits. As our Father, He loves us and desperately wants us to communicate with Him. As His child, I have sought His guidance many times during my life through prayer. Prayer has been an anchor for me. I have humbly approached my Father in Heaven, and have felt a sense of peace, security, and comfort while speaking with Him. I frequently kneel and pray just to make sure that my Heavenly Father is still there, still listening, and that He still loves me. It is always reassuring to me to feel His presence as I draw near to Him in prayer. Prayer is a way for me to express gratitude. Having a grateful heart helps me to be optimistic, and to appreciate the little joys of life. I am happier, and focus more on serving others than on my own needs. Prayer is also an opportunity to beg for forgiveness for my weaknesses, and to find strength to overcome them. I have made it a habit to repent on a daily basis; there is always something I can improve on. Prayer has shielded me from temptation, as well. In moments of weakness, when I feel that I do not have the strength to do what I know is right, I cry out to my Father in Heaven for help. Time and time again, I am blessed with the ability to resist temptation. I can share my deepest, most intimate thoughts and feeling with God through prayer. I know that He listens. Even though He is all-knowing and could solve my problems for me, He doesn't. He listens to me as I express myself, and only then does He gently nudge me in the right direction. Prayer is an opportunity for me to align my will with God's. I approach him with my goals and plans, and make sure that He agrees with the direction I am taking with my life. It is a two-way conversation, and I pray expecting God to answer. Many times, as I listen and feel, I am corrected and instructed. I make my own personal, sacred promises with Him, and I feel strengthened as I then carry out those promises. Show more

  • Prayer is my personal communication with my Heavenly Father. It allows me to talk to Him, tell Him of my goals and plans, and plead for His help. Every time I ask, He is there to help me. I am weak and falter daily in my goals. However, through prayer I am able to gain the strength I need to get through this life on my own. I once was canyoneering in Blue John Canyon in Utah. We went down through one fork but after a two hour hike between, we missed our turn for the fork to exit and got lost for a few hours. By the time we got back on the right path we were exhausted from hiking in the sun and sand. We were out of food and water and still had a very difficult climb to get out of the Blue John canyons. We got to a slot where we couldn't climb past. I literally didn't have the strength to brace myself against both walls and climb up. I tried multiple times and slipped back down. Finally I prayed for strength to do what I literally couldn't. I tried one more time and had strength to do it. I was then able to set up a rope for my brother and friend to aid them in their climb. Our half day hike turned into a 16 hour trip but as hard as it was, I know that God was with us and helped us to get out. Prayer works. God listens. I know it. Show more

  • Prayer has been an ongoing learning process for me. Even to this day, my knowledge and belief in the importance and power of prayer deepens. I have spent much time pondering of why Jesus Christ, the son of God, would often leave for the wilderness in order to pray to Heavenly Father. I have come to learn through application that prayer is more then going through a list of things we are thankful for and asking for things we want or need; but in realitity, it is the only way to receive many of the eternal truths God wants us to learn. As I have prayed, I have come to know for myself that my Heavenly Father is listening to every sincere word I say. I have learned that prayer is meant to be a conversation between the most powerful, all knowing being, and his son or daughter, which is us. Prayer has become a "staple" to my spiritual nourishment so to speak. I have received truths as I have spoken to God and expressed my thoughts. As a result, he always listens. He does not always answer me in that moment of conversation, but he does always answer. Within my prayers I have come to learn the trust that he has in each of us. He allows us to work through things in our minds as we speak with him, and he will send divine help, The Holy Ghost, to guide our thoughts and comfirm truth. I have discovered the power to believe without seeing, and I have discovered also, the power to know not only believe. Prayer is what allows me to be taught each day. As I begin my day with a true talk with Heacenly Father I am reminded that I am his literal son, and that he has many things for me to learn. I am endowed with power to see all of life's challenges with perspective and gratitude. Prayer is what I do to visit with my Hevenly Father in order to come to know him as he truly is as I receive his divine guidance. Show more

  • Prayer has become one of the most important parts of my life especially over these past couple of years. A few years ago, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and a difficult series of events occurred after that. She went on chemo and luckily, the cancer went away relatively easily compared to everything else that happened. She had to have a couple emergency surgeries and each time, she was lucky to live. The last emergency surgery was the scariest personally for me. I remember waiting at home with my four younger siblings, watching the clock as the time appointed for her surgery approached. I had fasted that day, hoping that all would be well and as the minute hand got closer and closer to that specific time, I got more and more nervous. A few minutes before it was scheduled to start, my siblings and I gathered in a circle and knelt down on our knees. We bowed our heads as I offered up one of the most heartfelt prayers I've ever given to our Heavenly Father, pleading for comfort to know that everything would be all right. Tears streamed from my eyes as I felt the Spirit comfort me with His warmth and I realized that what I wanted might not be what the Lord had in store for my mom. So I prayed that even if we did lose our mother that day, that we would be all right with it and know that that was the will of the Lord. It was difficult for me to say, but I knew it was right. When that prayer was over, everyone was silent for the next few hours as we waited to hear how the surgery went. Our grandma called later, telling us the good news that our mom lived. That day, I gained such a powerful testimony of prayer and it has played a huge role in my life ever since then. Nothing can compare to the closeness I felt with Heavenly Father in that moment and now I appreciate so much more the power of prayer. I know that He will always answer our prayers, even if it is on His own watch and in His own way. I am so grateful for that experience I had. Show more

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