Hayley O.: Student, Long Board, Love, Family, Travel, Faith, Mormon.

Hi I'm Hayley O.

About Me

I am a college student. I am studying to be a teacher, although I can't decide between Elementary Education or Secondary Education. I'm slightly indecisive when it comes to BIG decisions. I love to read, travel, long board, and eat. I am planning to go to a different foreign place every summer. I love to see God in the beauty of the world, in His creations, His children, and I try my best to see all of this through His eyes.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I see the change that the fullness of the gospel of Christ brings to my life and others lives. I am blessed by a living prophet, another testament of Jesus Christ, and a knowledge that God lives and He loves me. And the great thing is, He is our Father. He wants us to be happy and he sees the good in us. He has created a beautiful plan where we can live with Him again someday. What a beautiful knowledge that is! I can't believe that someone as perfect as God, could love someone as imperfect as me, and actually wants me to come back to Him, despite all of the dumb stuff I've done! . I love that this gospel brings a sense of belonging to everyone, a place to go, and a person to strive to become! I know that this gospel is true and you can too, if you read the Book Of Mormon, pray, and listen to the missionaries in your area. It makes sense.

How I live my faith

I try to involve myself in service projects in my community. I give time to homeless shelters, humanitarian projects, and devote myself to helping others in every way I can. The LDS church gives me wonderful opportunities to serve others by letting me know through its programs what I can do to help my community and the people in it.