Liza: Student, Convert, Actress, Hockey, Mormon.

Hi I'm Liza

About Me

I was raised in a small town on the coast of Maine. I am a college Student pursuing an education in Musical Theater and Public Relations. I am 21 years old and a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My hobbies include sailing, singing, and spending time with my incredible family. My passion in life is performance. My dream is to be an actress on Broadway.

Why I am a Mormon

In September of 2011, I attended a very controversial musical on Broadway called "The Book of Mormon". This musical is in no way affiliated with the church and touches on issues that are incredibly sensitive in very insensitive ways. Although several members of the church are offended by this show, it changed my life. After seeing the musical, I was extremely intrigued and decided to look more deeply into the Church. It was then, I discovered Upon that initial visit to the website, I discovered the chat feature and that was when my real adventure began. I began talking to a certain pair of online missionaries.They asked me if I was interested in learning more. As it turns out, I was. They sent me a copy of the Book of Mormon and promised me that if I prayed, and pondered to know if the Book was true, that I would receive answers. That night I read Moroni:10 3-5 and prayed before going to bed. Soon the answers from The Lord started to flood into my life. 2 months after this happened on the 31st of December, I was baptized by the missionary that initially taught me on This Gospel has brought me more joy than anything I have ever experienced in my entire life. Although I am currently the only member in my family, I know in my heart that I made the right decision to be baptized. I know that God knows me and that is why he sent me to the musical in the first place. I can not express enough how much I love this church and all the blessings and happiness that come with being a member. Now that I have the church in my life, I couldn't imagine my life with out it. That (amongst many reasons) is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Living in the city of Boston is always an adventure. Boston if filled with individuals from all walks of life and I strive every day to find ways to help others. I serve in my ward as a Ward Missionary. This calling is so rewarding to me, as it gives me so many opportunities to share the amazing Gospel with others. Although a fulltime mission is not in the cards right now I long to help others learn of the restored gospel. Everyday I pray for missionary opportunities and strive to live the example the gospel provides. Although it is a challenge as the only LDS person at my school, I know that by living my faith with courage and charity in my heart, I can be an example to others.