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Matt: Physics, Red Hair, Matt, Minnesota, California, Games, Mormon.

Hi I'm Matt

About Me

So I like to exercise and play sports like Rugby, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, and Rock climbing. I plan to go to college at BYU when I get home from a mission. I'm serving a mission in Minnesota (2012 -2014). I like to listen to hardcore rock music.

Why I am a Mormon

Yes I grew up Mormon but everyone needs to leave the coop some day and follow in their own path. I prayed to God and I received an answer by the power of the Holy Ghost that this is true. When I was younger I had a testimony and now I am converted. I feel the spirit in every step of life.

How I live my faith

If I didn't believe in this faith then I wouldn't be here. Applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ in your life is the perfect way to live a life. For example, I have learned to be forgiving because I have found forgiveness. I have felt the grace of Jesus Christ give me strength as I exercise my faith during my trials. I love the trials that come with life because they are just an opportunity for growth. In my opinion, if you aren't growing then you are shrinking and if you shrink it means that you are giving up. If you give up on life then you aren't applying the Atonement.