Leonardo Daniel: Family, mormón, Church, Mormon.

Hi I'm Leonardo Daniel

About Me

I am a young very happy and I like to meet people from all sides., I love football., Cooking and music., I like the gray, orange, blue and black took 12 years of membership in the church Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I like all the activities within the church I also like to dance and go to bowl :)

Why I am a Mormon

I have 12 years within the church and has changed my life as many people in life want to know the truth, my family and I so we asked questions and was very special to know the church and how it can change people din doubts including me me and I gained a strong testimony of the truth of things and of Jesus Christ primarily and all the wonders it contains the Book of Mormon and all the things we can certainly help us to know that they are true

Personal Stories

What are you doing to help strengthen your family and make it successful?

"I put my Best is in everything I learn within the church both at home and with all people, and in my mind in my plans was to serve a full time mission which my family can strive to go ahead and the principles of the gospel are true also to strive for a great witness of the things of the church and share them with people is something that always helps :)

How I live my faith

my life has been very nice and happy in my plans right now is to serve a full-time mission and follow the steps and it did serve as the lord and to show my love for all other people and move on in life to continue studying and working exercising faith at all times of life and with my family I see this primarily as exercising and putting their faith into practice :)