Christina: Mormon.

Hi I'm Christina

About Me

I'm a typical teenage girl. I've played on school sports teams, I've worked my way up the musicianship ladder, I go to all my classes and get good grades. I'm currently a 16 year old Junior, which will change in a short 9 days to a 17 year old Junior. I'm a percussionist who's been aspiring to learn flute, but has failed so far due to the shortage of time in my typical hectic schedule. I plan on majoring in English, although that may change at any given time. One of my favorite authors is Shakespeare. Although I have yet to live much of my life and learn more about my own religion, I believe that it is possible to help people gain meaning for their lives through this site and this religion.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I've seen the joy it brings to the lives around me. The people who sacrifice everything for this religion are inspirations to me, and I can only hope to gain half as much faith as them. There is a reason for this life, and I found it here, in this church. When my eyes are open to the eternal possibilities, I discover that I am never alone. I think the greatest curse of those who aren't members is that feeling of loneliness and purposelessness; I don't think I would have the strength to go throughout a cruel life such as this without my Heavenly Father walking beside me, comforting me and encouraging me to take one more step. As I said in my "About Me" section, I am a typical teenager. Through school lessons and political discussions, Mormonism comes up and is discussed, and I have had my own trials in standing up for my beliefs. It is not easy for me to be a Mormon, but then again, it's not easy for many of us. It is through those trials that make it "not easy" that faith is born.

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

An innumerable amount of reasons can lead a Mormon to go on a mission. I, despite being a young teenage girl, plan on going on a mission, and I would love to share with everyone why. It is true that men are encouraged to go on missions, and women are perfectly welcome to go, too. Many women don't, whether it is because they get married before they reach the age, or they're not financially able to, or for another reason, which is completely acceptable. However, since I was just a little girl, I have planned and yearned to go on a mission. To me, serving a mission is a great sacrifice, which is rewarded with an even greater blessing. You don't have to be a Mormon to appreciate the courage it takes to learn another language, go to a different country, and live only for what you believe for two years of your life. Many of my friends don't understand that; they only see a couple of obnoxious men in suits with name tags knocking on their door. So why do Mormons become those people, despised by so many grumbling, cranky neighbors? Well, mainly, to change those people's lives and opinions on Mormons. There are so many people out there, good people, who live good lives, who want to know why they're living such a life when so many others are living differently. As a missionary, you are provided with the opportunity to bring truth and understanding to the lives of those people, to lift the veil of ignorance from their eyes. A mission can strengthen those around you, as well as yourself. As a missionary, you spend two years serving those around you; that can change a person. I have a lot to learn, and I can't wait for the time when I can watch the stirring of the hearts of those I will serve.

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

I am Drum Captain of my Winter Percussion school group, which is a rather infamous position, due to the accompanying responsibility and authority. Although I am the only Mormon in that group, and one of very few in the entire high school, I have influenced my friends around me. I have grown respected because of my talent, and I respect a lot of people there. It has been difficult, spending about a day of time a week with the same people. But the unity that comes with being a member of this church has affected that group, too. To make music, knowing that 30 people can focus on one thing and travel at the same rhythm, is a great miracle in my mind, and it unifies us as a group. I can testify that I have influenced the lives of those 30 people, even if it is only small. All I know for sure is that every time I go to a rehearsal after a long, tough day of school, I feel the spirit so strongly, testifying that I'm where I need to be. It took me a little while to understand why, but I finally realized that the reason I need to be there is so I can stand up for my church and share what I believe. My percussion director knows more about Mormonism than a lot of my friends, and he has told me about his conversations with his friends about me and my beliefs. The percussion group is a family, and it is a comfort to me to know that I am accepted the way I am. No one has tried to change me, and a lot of them have tried to change themselves when they're around me, whether it be to stop cursing or making bad jokes, or if it's just talking to me and showing me they care about me and not what religion I am. I am not good at speaking about what I believe, but I am good at being an example of what I believe. I know that people will notice you, if you keep at it. I got noticed. I ended up changing the lives of those in my percussion group, and seeing them change has only encouraged me to be even better! I'm grateful for that opportunity!

How I live my faith

I'm young, just a youth, so I don't have any truly significant callings. But I do make a significant difference in my ward and in my school life. I am the Drum Captain of the Winter Percussion group at my school, and I consider that to be a great blessing in my life. It can be hard, and some days are really rough to get through, but the rehearsals always brighten my day. I am the only Mormon in that group, but I can always feel the spirit there. I have influenced the people in what I believe is a good way, and my differences have been recognized and appreciated. That is one of the ways I live my faith, by showing my friends and instructors that a kid can believe something so fully that it becomes a way of life. I want to be an inspiration to other people, so I try my hardest to influence those around me for the better. I can't express my desire to help people enough, and I know that when I go to rehearsal, I will be spreading the Christian values that I believe in, and making beautiful, worthy music, too!