Hunter: piano, singer, ballroom, dance, language, Mormon.

Hi I'm Hunter

About Me

To me, communication is key. Whether it's talking with people, or music, or writing, everything is communication to me, and that is how I connect with the world. I love talking with people. I see every person as a new friend, someone I can connect with with a new perspective I've probably never thought about. Besides, everyone has something to like about them. I also love to learn new languages - I've been learning French and Spanish for the last few years. I feel like it opens a lot of possibilities to form deeper connections with the people I love, and I've found that as I learn more about someone else's language, I understand my own so much better. I understand how I think by understanding how other people think, so I love to talk with people in whatever language they want. There are some emotions words can't capture, which is why I love music. Music just flows - either into me or out of me. I play by ear, so I get to play pretty much whatever I want however I want, including writing some music. Sometimes, the music goes out my fingers, sometimes it goes out my feet in ballroom dance. It's been the easiest way for me to connect with other people. Sometimes, what you want to say just needs to be said through music. And sometimes, I just need to write. I love to write and brainstorm about story ideas, and it became so much easier when my mom taught me to type fast. Talking with people, music, writing, they're all my ways to connect with people - in person or online.

Why I am a Mormon

When I read the scriptures - the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price, I feel that they are true. I have learned to feel God's Spirit and to love it. I have learned to enjoy receiving truth from God's Spirit and having the Spirit confirm that the scriptures and words of modern prophets are true.

Personal Stories

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

When we listen to the devil and do what he would want us to do, we run away from God's Spirit. When we do what Christ would do, God's Spirit is with us. When we have God's Spirit, we can more easily recognize whether something is right or wrong and we have God's strength to supplement ours to resist temptations and with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

A friend of mine was afraid about a ballroom dance performance she would soon be in. She was so scared, she said she was glad I wouldn't be going and had asked her family to watch the performance when she wouldn't be doing tricks. I fasted for her to lose this fear and a few weeks later, she told me she was very excited for the performance, so much so that she said I was missing out by not going to the performance and the day after the performance, she was very, very pleased with the result. I've often prayed for help to find lost items and often find them after prayer, or even during, prayer. Our family traveled for months around the country and prayed daily for protection. During this time, we were saved many times from potential harm by a tire blowing at just the right time. God was watching over us, he has been watching over us, and still watches over us.

How I live my faith

God's commanded "love thy neighbor" and I feel like I can't love my neighbor if I don't know my neighbor. Maybe that's why I want to connect with people. When I make new friends, I like to invite them to learn about what made me happiest: the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over time, I've learned that coming to know God is a lot more important than coming to know people, and it takes sincere prayer, sincere scripture study, and sincere Church attendance. Those are three things I can't give to people, but I hope that as I talk with people, they'll want to do it themselves. Of course, if I want to invite people to try God's word, I've got to live it myself. I've tried to live what God has taught, and when I don't, I exercise faith in Christ, and I repent. I didn't know repenting was so hard until I honestly tried. It takes a lot of humility and a lot of faith, but when I stop wanting to do and to live it, I've got to know it. I try to myself with spoken words, music, and writings that helped me know God better. I remember going through a C.S. Lewis "kick", listening to one audiobook after another until it was time to move on to receiving God's word through modern prophets and apostles. Now whenever I'm doing housework or I have some downtime, I'm listening to prophets and apostles speaking God's word - and it's fun to understand and get to know God's servants as well as a friend through what they say to the public.