Tyler Jesse King: student, writer, brother, thinker, reader, friend, Mormon.

Hi I'm Tyler Jesse King

About Me

I am currently a student at Arizona State University. I am working as a Premier Emergency Medical Scribe at Chandler Regional Medical Center. I am currently trying to write a fiction novel. I hope to one day be a husband and father.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a member of The Church of Jesus Christ, and I have always felt that it was true, I have always had the great examples of my parents to teach me the simple truths of the gospel and know what God expected of me. But there came a point in my life where I didn't want to just think that it this was really the church of god, or go along with it because my parents had been members and their parents had been memebrs, but I really wanted to know for myself that God existed that he really is working with his children in our day and that this church was founded by god, and not just organized by normal people trying to find their way back to him. So I did what millions of other people have done, and I testify that this is the way that we can really know if this is the church of god. I started investigating, I started paying close attention to the scriptures, especially the book of mormon to see and get a feel if it was somthing that could be true, I started thinking and meditating/pondering about the things I was leaning in church and in seminary, and then I knelt down and asked the one and the only person that we can really trust in this life. I asked God in prayer if Joseph Smith, had been a prophet, if he had really been an instument in the hands of God to restore, or reestablish the church of Jesus Christ, and if this church has the power and authourity of God in our day. I testify that I know that this is Christ's church, becuase he answered my prayer and I feel with an absolute certanty that God is guiding this church in our day through his prophet Thomas S. Monson. And I invite whoever reads this to take it upon themselves to do the same, member or no, to find out for yourselves, from god, that this is his church. And I promise that he will answer if you ask with a sincere heart, meaning that it really matters to you, and having real intent, meaning you will live by the answer you receive be it yes or no, and then you will know for yourself from God the truth.

Personal Stories

Could you talk about your baptism?

I was baptized when I was eight years old, I remember the experience vaguely, but i do remember certain things that do stand out to me and help me understand the change that took place in my life and in me. First off I remember my mom asking me who I wanted to speak at my baptism and I told her my grandpa. I remember wanting any excuse to make sure that my family that was out of town would be able to share that experience with me and i remember wanting him above everything else to be there. I don't remember what he said but I do remember being super excited and a little bit nervous about the whole thing. I don't think at that age that I knew exactly what I was doing, that I was making a promise to God that i would be obedient to his commandment and in return be cleaned of my sins, but I knew that it was the right thing to do because I could feel it. I remember going down into the water with my dad, and remembering how warm the water was, and then going down and coming back out and just feeling happy. Then I remember changing into dry clothes and sitting down on a chair in front of everyone while my father and a few other men including my grandpa, gathered around, placed their hands on my head and confirmed me a member of the church, and gave me the gift of the holy ghost. I also remember just feeling warm inside kinda like someone was lifting me up a little. Then I remember getting in the car and my parents talking to us and getting a little annoyed at someone in my family and feeling something tell me to relax that it wasn't that big of a deal. And that's just about all I can remember of the day I got baptized. I know it was real, I know that it is absolutely 100% necessary to be baptized with the correct authority to go back and live in the presence of our Heavenly Father, and I know that the gift of the Holy Ghost is real because I could feel its influence in my life right after being baptized and ever since. I know that this is true and God's Church.

Why do Mormons go on missions?

First and foremost, I think I need to say that, going on a mission is not required of anybody. And nobody should feel like it is like baptism, if I don't go on a mission I can't go to heaven. Its not like that at all, going on a mission is a deeply personal decision, and there are a couple of different reasons why people go on missions. I came out on my mission twice (for a couple of reasons) but I had the opportunity to make this choice on two separate occasions, and I can honestly say that the first time that I made the choice to come out, I made it for the wrong reasons. I did feel like it was expected of me, like I might be letting someone down if I didn't go on a mission, and so I left to serve a mission with a kind of half-hearted resolve to serve, and left probably before I was really ready to go. And it showed in the kind of missionary that I was. But then I came home, and my bishop came and asked me if I wanted to go back out. Well gone was the expectancy of having to serve a mission, gone were the ideas of "what will people think if I don't go?" And so I was faced with a question, "Is this something that I really want to do?" And for a really long time I didn't have an answer. But then I had a series of events occur which lead me to apply the Christ's atonement in my life. And I gained a real testimony of who the savior is, and how we can enjoy true and lasting happiness in our lives. And that filled me with the desire to serve a mission, to have the opportunity to help others to come to know what I know to be true, to give them the one thing that will help them find peace in their lives in spite of all the troubles and problems that the world throws at them. And it was with that desire, of real and honest love for my fellow man that brought me to decide to come out on a mission, to give what little voice/ability I do have to proclaim the his gospel, and try and help in any small way to bring people to a knowledge of Jesus Christ and how he can help them.

How has attending Church services helped you?

I love church. I know that seems weird to some people, but ever since I was really young it was something that I enjoyed doing. And I think that that is for a couple of different reasons. One, it gave my life stability. In spite of everything that life can throw at us, my family always made it to church on Sunday. And it became a place of refuge, somewhere when I got there I could relax and take a deep breath and just let everything else just fall away. And there are great people there, I have made a ton of friends, but not just that friends with high standards, that help me maintain my standards and support me, and understand where I am coming from. And it is where I started to develop my relationship with God, really started understanding his role in my life and the plan that he has for me. So attending Church services has helped me, have stability, develop character, and friendships, and a relationship with God.

How I live my faith

I am currently a student at ASU. I have served a mission for my church in Lima, Peru, and in Spokane WA. After Finding out for myself that this was God's Church, I was filled with a desire to help my brothers and sisters, all of God's children return to him to find this truth out for themselves. I also serve as a Sunday School President in my ward, where I help people to learn about Jesus Christ.