Ashley: Mormon.

Hi I'm Ashley

About Me

I love to play soccer, I mostly do club, sometimes school soccer, I run track, I do the 100,4x1 200 , 4x4 and Long Jump, and sometimes basketball. I love to do anything that includes drawing or being creative. I'm in High School right now, I have a twin sister and a little brother that we adopted from Russia, my dad loves ASU and sales guns and does construction, and my mom loves music and worked at Red Cross, I HATE doing long distance, and everybody thought me and my sister were identical so I chopped my hair short and hers is long now, which has made it a lot easier.

Why I am a Mormon

The more I learn about this church, where it came from and the scriptures, the more it just seems to make sense. It just makes everything else fall into place when we do what the lord asks us to do. Of course it's hard to do the lord is asking us to do it, and Satan is trying to get us not to, which just makes me more determined to do it. I know this church is true and the prophets, scriptures and Joseph Smith are all true and that we need to follow in their footsteps to get back home. That after we die we will live again and be with God and our family's if we do what he has asked us to do.

How I live my faith

I go to mutual which is just youth activity's and lessons on Wednesdays and read the scriptures daily. I pray everyday several times, go to church on Sunday and have Family Home Evening on Monday's which is just a lesson that we teach to our family or is taught to us on Monday nights (normally). I don't watch rated R movies, I'm modest, no tank-tops or short shorts or low cut shirts and I didn't date till I was 16 and I don't steady date with anyone, and I plan on marrying a returned missionary.