Michael: Writing, service, Happy, Drawing, Missionary, hard worker, Mormon.

Hi I'm Michael

About Me

I really find I have a hard time describing me, I'm not you're everyday person. I enjoy so much of life it's hard to know where to start. Difficulty and hardship are common to me. I see my savior's love everyday for myself and others. I enjoy creating new things and doing it with others. I have many talents, Indeed, I am a Jack of all trades and a master of none. I like cooking occasionally, If I can bake it, Great! if it looks too difficult I can't promise it will taste good. I'm working on being more active as I see it's a good thing to do. I also am getting ready for the next stage in my life as I am finishing serving a mission. and preparing to going to BYU-I. In short I would like to consider myself a hard worker and willing to work something to the end, though hard it may be. I feel a sense of helping others around me and even sacrificing a little regardless who i'm helping. One could say have you ever regretted being as kind as you like to be? I like to quote something I heard once "I've wept in the night. For the shortness of sight. That to somebody's need made me blind; But I never have yet. Felt a tinge of regret. For being a little too kind." I truly feel being good and doing good is simply enjoyable. and to top it all off I like to have fun doing it all. if I'm helping other smile and be happy and laugh it really adds to all I regularly do. and the Gospel has only deepened the joy and happiness felt from doing what I regularly do.

Why I am a Mormon

Because I made the choice! first and foremost. Although I was born into the Church that doesn't mean the choice was made for me, I still needed to learn for myself that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ's Church. the second is because I cannot find a greater sense of Joy and Love anywhere else in the world than in my Home founded on Christ's teachings and the walls of a Church building or a Temple. Having tried for myself a different lifestyle besides one consistent with Latter-Day Saint living I can't say anything compares to it in happiness and joy. I marvel how I can still learn so much living the lifestyle of a Latter-Day Saint, anyone who says we are restricted living this lifestyle don't know what they are missing. true freedom lies in knowing the time and place for anything, as well as the acknowledgement that somethings are totally unnecessary. I joy in being a member, and look forward to living the rest of my life as such.

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

When we make a sacrifice to do the Lords work we are promised blessings. Taking 2 years of my life and the money to serve others is a huge sacrifice and I know I will be Blessed for that the scriptures teach "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man Lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13 it is just one more way to express my love to the world. to obey Christ's command to "love one another, as I have loved you." John 15:12. 2 years is a lot to give, but well worth the blessings that follow.

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

Loving others is probably the biggest one. someone once told me, "Michael, how could anyone be afraid of you? you're just a Giant Teddy Bear" to know enough about someone to be able to help them in their time of need, or to see them in a different perspective than most would is such a thrill. Showing the Savior's love to others seems to just make things so much easier. those who don't like it don't understand, yet that doesn't mean I don't have to show them that love. it is difficult to do all the time, but never worthless. people are moved by good acts, people see good things and want to keep it going. and so i try to share as much love as possible with those around me. yeah, I can get some weird looks because of this attitude I have, but that's no reason to stop. President Thomas S. Monson shares a awesome poem which I have grown to love. I have wept in the night For the shortness of sight That to somebody’s need made me blind; But I never have yet Felt a tinge of regret For being a little too kind. Yes I have heard many times before "you're too nice," in many different tones might I add. yet I know the Savior Jesus Christ wants me to be kind and loving to everyone, regardless of their Race, Religion, Gender, Social status, Economic status, Interest, Hobbies, Past, Present, and perceived future. if anything those things should show me how to direct that kindness and love.

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

Prayer plays a huge role in my life, I have found that when it comes to making major choices i seem to be asking my Heavenly Father when he feels I should do; Although I'm lerning to not ask what to do for every decision, I feel like whatever choice I make he guides me so that I am always remembering to thank him for the good things that come from it. Many,Many times I have felt a great struggle within myself and that it needed to be resolved, I knew Prayer was the key to overcoming the struggle. I try to avoid praying for patience, only because I can take up a Hobby to practice patience or work on a hobby i already enjoy. and it allows me to ask for help to grow my patience through that hobby. I find myself always thanking God for all the things he has given me and even asking to help me see what more i should be greatful for, I'm greatful for that opportunity to grow and see all God has given me.

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

With all I enjoy to do I always try to allow it to bless others. whether I'm getting a weeping child to calm down, or Entertaining a group of people with my impressions I like to do. In creating things I found others creativity can inspire what I make, so what i build or create can help another see what I see in another way, a drawing, a piece of work made from wood, metal or anything else. I guess having the Talent to sew by hand can be benificial to others, we all have a shirt or sweater we love to have and when all it needs is a patch or just sewing up the seam it can really brighten someone's day.

How I live my faith

This is such an enjoyable thing to talk about, I try to live my faith in every action I make. simple, Yet difficult. but really I want everyone around me to be Happy and in a good mood. I feel sad when I see others sad, because life is good in anyway you look at it you got to enjoy whats in front of you at the moment. otherwise it will be hard to appreciate the moments when it's not so bad. Helping others is one thing I feel allows me to live my faith, giving someone something that allows them to feel of worth is valuable to me. and them hopefully feeling to do the same is even better. most people seek riches to help themselves, or secure for them and family good living. I would love to have it because I could help so many people. I've been pondering over how to continue living the Gospel in my life. and it seems that those moments in which I ponder that, I find something I can do to increase living this Gospel. and now as a missionary that plays in so well with what I'm doing. Teaching and preaching allows others to feel Gods love in their life. and brings them to the savior. I try every day to do better than the day before, so that others see how much I love Jesus Christ and how much he loves them. I always look at others as what they can become, not who they currently are. looking for the good in others and to help them see it and help them build on it, is one way I've come to meet some of the best people I know. Everyone has value that no one else has.