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Hi I'm Dallin

About Me

I love the outdoors —as well as the indoors. I love to hike, run, camp, boat, sing in the rain and almost anything else outdoors that is fun. I have been away from home for about a year now —between my two and a half semesters at college and currently my mission in Georgia. I also have a "passion" for the arts. While at college I was in a Men's Chorus and just loved it! Getting up on the stage and knowing I was doing my best to be excellent, and that everyone else strove and achieved excellence with me was amazing. I really enjoy being able to connect with and "express myself" through the deep poetry of the words alongside the beautiful harmonies. I also am somewhat of an artist. Drawing has came to me easily ever since I was young. I remember once drawing the memorized levels of Super Mario Bros. in a notebook so I could "play" them when we were in the car. Since then I have taken many art classes, expanding the mediums I use to include clay, pastels, colored pencils and a few other things.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was raised in the LDS Church, I had my fair share of questions about things. One thing that I really struggled with was the idea of God. Is he really there? At this same time I was struggling with the Church and the stances it took on particular issues. I remember one night while I was at school in my apartment, and it was about 2 am. I couldn't get to sleep because of questions that kept running through my head and because I had been having bad dreams a lot. I really needed to know if the Church was true, if God was really there for me, and if He loves me. I was at a point where I could either go the way that I felt I needed to go with my life, or find that the Church is true. I got up out of my bed and went into the kitchen, where there was a couch next to a big window. I remember opening the shades, looking up at the sky and seeing the Moon shining brightly. I started to pray to God, asking "Are you really there," and "Is staying in the Church really what I should do, and is it what you want me to do?" I remember dropping down to me knees while staring up at the sky and begging God to answer my simple prayer. As I did this, a peace came upon me. It felt like my chest was swelling and just warm. I felt that I knew the answer already that I needed to stay in the Church. I continued sitting there looking at the sky and re-asked God, receiving the same feeling a second time. This time I heard the words spoken to me "My son, I love you." I knew I had received an answer, and then asked God, my Heavenly Father to stay with me as I fell asleep so that my dreams would be peaceful. These along with thousands of other experiences are the reasons I am a Mormon.

Personal Stories

How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

The Book of Mormon has helped me understand my purpose in life in very clear terms. The Book of Mormon purely describes our purpose here on Earth as, "The time for men to prepare to meet God . . . . to prepare for eternity." (Alma 34:32-34) Pondering upon these single verses of scripture, I have found peace in the simplicity of my purpose. I love how I can really have a clear defined purpose. Something that directs me and is a point of focus in my life, guiding my decisions and actions. That is not to say that the requirements of that purpose—to prepare to meet God— will be easy, however. As I align my life with the will of God and strive to prepare to meet him, I in turn meet the most opposition. I have literally been tossed on the dark and stormy torrents of life. However, despite it all the purpose of preparing to meet God has given me the most joy and happiness I have ever experienced.

How I live my faith

Right now I am serving as a missionary, helping others come to know of the truth of Jesus Christ's Church and of the peace and happiness that living His way ultimately brings. As a missionary my efforts are focused on service to all who need help, ministering to those in need of comfort and who are burdened with trials. Ultimately my efforts are focused on helping people come to feel of the love of Jesus, further understand his suffering for us, and helping them receive the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.