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Colton: colton inkley, missionary, volleyball, amazing, firefighter, Minneapolis, Mormon.

Hi I'm Colton

About Me

I grew up in Phillipsburg, Montana and in Kearns and Riverton, Utah. I'm curently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm serving in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I love it here! Before I left for my mission I was working at a local sporting goods store. I love working with people but most of all I love playing with fire! During the summer of 2010 I was a wildland fire-fighter! It was a blast! I love volleyball and it's my favorite sport. I'm not actually very good but I try hard in spite of that. I played on a local club volleyball team with my favorite person in the world, and cousin, Troy. He's an awesome friend and has really good hands. I do just about everything with him. He's been my best friend since I was a kid and will continue to be throughout the rest of forever. I also have another friend named Joe who is my other best friend. We are kind of like another version of the three musketeers. I'm a movie fanatic as well. I love all kinds of movies, they let me have a temporary escape from my crazy life.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been familiar with the Mormon religion all of my life. My parents were Mormon. My mother died when I was seven and my dad wasn't always around, but he did the best he could to support me. I lived in a small town in Montana, where everone drank, partied, and in general just lived a lifestyle that wasn't conducive to keeping God's commandments. We moved back to Utah when I was in sixth grade. When I was in ninth grade and living in Kearns, Utah, I started hanging out with a bad group of kids. I started using drugs. This lifestyle led me to a dark place. One day I realized and said to myself "I dont want to be this way anymore," and I turned to the Lord for help. This gospel has turned my life completely around in such positive and uplifting way. The gospel brought my family closer together and helped to heal us. My dad remarried a wonderful lady who my whole family loves and who loves us back. My family is now closer than ever. I'm so grateful for the Lord and the endless love he has for all of his children, and how he strives to help us even when we don't think we need his help. I know this gospel is true. The good Lord has changed my life for the better because he made the truth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints known to me. I know that he will do the same for you.

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

to share what has blessed our own lives, so it may bless the lives of others.

How I live my faith

Before I left for my mission I was a regular kid. I hung out with my friends, went to the movies, mountain biked, and of course, worked. Throughout everything I did though, I tried to always remember the Lord. I followed his teachings and did what he wanted me to. I tried very hard to follow all of his commandments. On sundays I went to church and took the sacrament, I taught his gospel to 12 and 13 year olds in Sunday School as well. I participated in the classes I was a part of. Finally I dedicated a portion of my life to the lord. I came out on a mission to serve him full-time for two years. I get to go out into the world and share the gospel that has blessed my life and it has been the best decision I've ever made.