Sherman: Heating Cooling, Cancer Clusters, Auqifer Pollution, Serving Others, Wise use of time, Daily Scripture time, Mormon.

Hi I'm Sherman

About Me

I live in a rural area & commute to work. I enjoy helping others in need that I find. I have an interest in energy self sufficiency as well as indoor gardening. I am a husband & father of three. I study cancer clusters in regards to water, food, air purity to help others learn about how to reduce there exposure.

Why I am a Mormon

I was vary close to being born in the church. I rebelled in my teenage years thinking I was having fun. As I look back, I wish I hadn't wasted my time. I have had loving members reach out to me & invite me back. I have also had antagonistic friends & family try to persuade me from returning back into the church. I am grateful for both as I started to ponder about the scriptures & pray earnestly to our kind & loving Father in heaven. Answers started coming & making more sense to me. The closeness to the Spirit was particularly comforting & peaceful when I needed it most & at the same time, was humble & sensitive enough to receive feelings from the Holy Ghost. I enjoy serving the Lord & little by little learning each day more about him & how I can become more like him. The Lord is the blue print to pattern my life by as he can make more out of me, then I can by my self. Without trying to be more like him, I would most likely fail my Wife & Children & have returned to those lifestyles that don't bring long lasting happiness!

How I live my faith

I help organize service projects to help others in need with those of us who love to work together. It is grand as nobody swears when they get hurt. I have enjoyed working with & watching the youth grow into young men & women. I have developed a deep love for our Father in Heaven & our Savior Jesus Christ & try to return what little I can by being of service to them by serving others. I recognize how much more the Lord has helped me to grow due to by efforts to keep his commandments & serve him. Recently this summer of 2011, I had a section of tree fall on me & broke by leg. This happened in a service project that I helped organize. The sweet part of it is that I don't feel bitterness & it was an accident I could have been spared from if I had slowed down & not only listened to a warring thought that ran though my mind, but headed it as well, it would have saved me from a lot of hurt. I find & am much happier when I take time for the important things in life. Sorting out what is important is a daily juggling act as there is so many things that need to be done, but not necessarily today. I look forward to continuing helping others to seek the Lord so that they are prepared for His return to the earth once more. How glorious that time period will be for me, if I help others today.