Bruce: Mormon.

Hi I'm Bruce

About Me

I'm a techie geek. I get into gadgets, robotics, sci-fi, Monty Python, and strategy games. I'm a libertarian activist. I fight city hall against excessive taxation and regulation. I speak out against war, torture, and abuses of human rights both here and abroad. I love the outdoors: hiking, sailing, and rafting. I'm involved in scouting with my boys. I love to travel. As an engineer I design portable computers. I use the latest technologies to create amazing devices. I think it's important to always improve myself. So, I'm involved in Toastmasters, Boy Scouts, continuing education, and working out at the gym.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was born into the Church, I was inactive during most of my teen years and had to re-discover my faith on my own. I have tested the Lord's promises that blessings follow faithful observance of His commandments, and have discovered those promises to be real. The Lord has blessed my life with peace, happiness, a wonderful wife and family, and knowledge of the purpose of my life. God's Holy Spirit has touched me and has made known to me that Jesus is my Savior, that there is a life after this, and that He cares about my individual soul.

How I live my faith

I currently serve as the leader of the older men in my congregation, but I don't consider myself old...I still have a baby girl. In that responsibility, I make sure that the church members (active and inactive) are cared for. Whenever someone in the group comes on hard times (financial, health, emotional, or spiritual) we work to help those individuals. We have a weekly class for Gospel instruction. Several of the group members take turns teaching the class. That is my Church responsibility, but the main way that I live my faith is how I conduct my personal life and lead my family. I regularly study the scriptures, pray by myself and with my family, and instruct my children in the truths of the Gospel and how it touches their daily lives. In my public life, I try my best to be an example of a good Christian.