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Alysa: Mormon.

Hi I'm Alysa

About Me

I'm the mother of two adorable boys. I think my husband is pretty adorable too. I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, but I don't currently teach school. I've dedicated this time to my family and am at home full-time. I love to read -- especially children's literature. I keep a blog where I review the books I read, I am an avid journal keeper. I love looking back at what I've written and laughing at myself, especially at my dumb April fools jokes. I grew up in Arizona and our family is now in Illinois while my husband studies for his PhD in Chemistry. We love it here, but hope to end up closer to family after graduation.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born to Mormon parents, and I'm so glad for that. Having them as an example of intelligent, educated people who are fully committed to their religion is a boon to me. My knowledge of the gospel grew as I did. I tested the principles for myself. I learned that it feels good to pray. I learned that the Lord cares about me and what is going on with my life. In my teens, I learned that even though my peers in the church were being unkind to me, the Lord loved me. That experience helped my testimony of his gospel to become firm and now I know I want to follow Jesus Christ. I was married in the temple, and that has benefited my life in innumerable ways. I know that because my husband and I are committed to each other for eternity, we will take the time to work things out and we can be together, happily, forever. Every day I choose to be a Mormon. I do what works for me, not what other people say I should do. That's why I will be a Mormon for life.

How I live my faith

I do a lot of volunteer work for my church. I currently plan weekday events for the women in my area. I love it because it connects me with so many women (women I know and love) and gives me a chance to give back to them.