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Brent: Mormon.

Hi I'm Brent

About Me

My main priority of energy and thought is for my family. As part of providing for them, I spend my hours during the work week as a banker. We live in the Pacific Northwest. It rains a lot and so often we sit in the rain to watch a Lacrosse game or run to the gym, to avoid rain, for other sports.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents are Mormons and I was born and raised in the church. My childhood was filled with experiences around the church including attending Sunday Meetings, Youth and Children activities on the weeknights, service for others on a regular basis and as a teen, dances on Friday nights. I had a friend from New York once, that I told about our church by giving them some literature I had about the church. They said they wanted to hear what I thought about the church and not some brochure. This was a bit of a wake-up call and so I decided to read the Book of Mormon non-stop and did it in a few days. I prayed about and had a good feeling. I have seen the happiness that comes from living the gospel and also the sadness that comes when people choose not to follow it. For me, the church is a great way to raise a family with strong moral character and to keep myself headed in a positive direction. It is really the ultimate "life coach".

How I live my faith

 I have served with the Boy Scouts, worked with 18 month olds to 3 year olds in the nursery, taught several classes, and am now serving as a leader in our Stake organization which is a combination of about 8-10 congregations. I help coordinate volunteers that help local residents find jobs, volunteers that donate articles to and help run a thrift store, help point the way when there is a need for professional counseling or shelter for someone in a precarious situation as well as provide assorted training.