Richie : Mormon.

Hi I'm Richie

About Me

im a lds missionary and i love being a part in the lords work, i serve in the arizona phoenix mission the best mission and this gospel makes me happy, and yes im mormon and i love it , i love to free run and play sports and work out and camp and rock climb and hike and fish and hang with the fam bam and hang with friends and serve and have adventure dog and be myself i love to have fun! yes im mormon and im proud of it im richie mason vaughan and i like to just be me i grew up in charleston southcarolina and i have lived in utah as well both are awesome states one has the water and the other has the mountains, my mom is the best mom you can ask for im so blessed to have her and yes i love her more than air,im blessed for my family! im blessed to have the gospel in my life i know the gospel is true well peace peace yall COWABUNGA dude!

Why I am a Mormon

 im lds because i know that this gospel is true and i know that with all of my heart and i know this gospel can make you,or every one or any one happy 

Personal Stories

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

i have prayed and prayed and prayed,and it has blessed my life ! I promise and testify that if you pray to our heavenly father in the name of jesus christ that your prayers will be answered, somethings take time and ya dog its not fun sometimes or a bummer but stay strong to the faith and defeat your trial and you will be built up and you will get your answer, prayer has led me to get in to church and prayer has led me to go on a lds mission and prayer has made me stronger, this gospel has made my family stronger and brought us closer together, heaveny father loves yall and cares about yall and wants you to pray to him and let him know whats goin down in your life, i promise that if you pray to heavenly father he will answer your prayers and i say that in the name of jesus christ amen , cowabunga stay strong to the faith

What blessings have come through your faith in Jesus Christ?

i have had many blessings through my faith in jesus christ, it has brought my family together and got us really in to church and has brought us up in times of need and i can say it has saved my life in many ways and blessed my life in many ways i testify that jesus christ is our savior and he loves us all

Why do Mormons go on missions?

every one has a reason but my reason is, i went on a mission because this gospel makes me happy and i want every one to know that! this gospel is for everyone and i can promise you that it can bless your life in so many ways and keep a smile on your face and a sparkle in your eye and give you peace and comfort at all times, and dog just be happy we have a father in heaven who loves us all more than air and he cares about all yall so much i promise that !

How I live my faith

well right now im on a lds mission that is a example haha