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Morgan Ventura: Mormon.

Hi I'm Morgan Ventura

About Me

I am a sports guy i love baseball and basketball. But i play them all. I love to play the piano and just have a good old time with my friends and family. I am a 20 years old i am enjoying a mission and seeing the fruits of the true gospel. I have been to college and had to make tough decisions to make it though. I have seen things that you just can't explain other than that god has put forth his had to teach me and give me this opportunity to be a latter day saint.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon because i have read and prayed about the book of mormon. knowing it was true was something that didn't come really easy for me. I grew up in the church but i just didnt see how it benifited me. other than my family was happy and its something we do. i never knelt down to pray about what happened to joseph smith. But when i did i felt the most calming peace i have every had in my life and i knew it was true and i knew why my parents had been teaching me all these very good things so i could live a better life. I know as latter day saints with what we know is true we really understand why Christ died for us. i know his gospel is true and that joseph smith saw god the father and Jesus Christ and they testified that there is only one church and he braught it back through the power and revelation from God. I know there is one gospel that we need to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so Grateful for the power of pray that we can really know for our selves whats true, and all my questions have been answered through the gospel of Jesus Christ that we have true and real repentence.

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

we go on missions so we can grow spiritually and so we can give something to God. He gave us everything and all we can so is give 2 years back so we can show him we are ready to be blessed. we also go to be obedient and do as the Prophet has commanded. i am on a mission right now and i have never been so close to my savior that i feel the need to be the best i can be. a mission changes you so you can be a tool for the lord and feel his love and share it with everyone else. And if its important to God and he has asked me to to it i do it with a full heart and submit my will with his thats why mormons go on missions to get a realationship with God so it can last forever.

How I live my faith

how i life. My life is simple i pray often for almost everything i carry this pray in my heart so i can know how to choose the good in this life. I am a missionary right now and the joy we get as latter day saints is when we help our neighbor and friends who don't have this great gospel. i am always looking for ways to help someone else to show more charity. because it is something that heals hearts and saves souls. I go to church every sunday and feel the love from my brothers and sisters at church. Read from the book of mormon everyday and pray. I always try to better my life and its a blessing to have an example like christ to follow.