Hillary Millecam: violinist, public relations, creativity, Marketing, Artist, graphic designer, Mormon.

Hi I'm Hillary Millecam

About Me

I graduated from BYU with a degree in Public Relations and I'm working at a creative marketing agency. I write so I can eat and I eat so I can write. I am an introvert who loves people. I am a thrift-store ninja, half of my closet is second-hand. I love eating straight curry and I believe everything is better with chopsticks. Dark chocolate is my kryptonite. I am a violinist, pianist, guitarist, and organist. I am deeply passionate for music. I write album reviews for classic rock on the side. I love learning about the world. I circled the globe visiting 8 different countries in 22 days where I gained a deeper understanding of God's love for his children. I love training for running races. I love art. I love culture, I love theater and cinematography. I like to write but I also like learning different concepts like economics and accounting. And I love trying new things. I feel like life is something worth exploring and discovering every single day. I am a life-long learner. I like taking different driving routes and trying new things almost every single day. I am a firm believer of the saying, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Why I am a Mormon

I am a descendant of pioneers on my dad's side of my family, and my mother's family left their profession of clergy and converted into the church, I was born into the church. After moving away from Utah I realized I relied on my parents' testimonies and decided that I needed to know for myself if it was right. I strongly believe in individualism so choosing what type of person I wanted to be was crucial. So I took Moroni's challenge to read the Book of Mormon. As I read more and more, longer and longer, I came to have an overpowering confirmation that Jesus is our Savior and The Book of Mormon is indeed another testament of Christ. I also believe in always going forward, I can't imagine living a life where we spend so much time repenting, progressing, and struggling just to hit a standstill when we die. I don't know any other place that has a sweeter gospel truth that could ever possibly replace eternal marriage and families. I have a firm testimony that God loves us so much that he wants to give us all that he can if we turn to him and are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to get there. And this truth makes me stick to my faith. As I continue through life experiences that would make people question the validity of God, I have found that when I put my faith in him and his gospel that my testimony of this faith has only grown stronger.

How I live my faith

I am somebody who follows the Mormon saying, "Be IN the world, but not OF the world." I am actively involved with media, social media, current events, business, art, music and design. I have an insatiable desire to live a life brimming in creativity and purpose. I believe the root of purpose comes through God's plan of happiness. The public relations and creative marketing industry is very fast-paced, exciting and often stressful. I turn to the essentials of the Gospel to keep me grounded in the chaos around me: reading the Book of Mormon, conversing with God through prayer, serving my fellow men, attending sacrament meeting on Sundays and participating in church activities and callings. I find as I make my relationship with the gospel a priority, I perform better at work, I can think more clearly, I feel peace and joy, and I always feel like I have purpose and worth. I use my gift of music to share the gospel with God's children. I picked up violin and piano at age 8 and I have never stopped. I believe that God has given me this gift to touch people with the power of good, wholesome, quality music and help them feel the Holy Ghost in their lives.