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Louis Eubank: Mormon.

Hi I'm Louis Eubank

About Me

  I am currently attending college, taking science prerequisites for medical school I already have my B.A. When I am not in class, you can usually find me in the Bioinformatics Lab on campus, where I am part of a team that is looking at the evolution of mayflies using molecular think genetic analysis. We are trying discover the evolution of flight in mayflies. During my free time, I am quite active. My passion is rock climbing, and hopefully this summer I will have time to get out often while still doing reserach and summer classes. Additionally, my wife and I are on two different soccer teams, and often add a third or a ultimate frisbee team as well my wife is the sports fanatic, she is currently on five soccer teams. We don't have any children currently, but we do have 3 dogs. All three are shelter rescue dogs, and the light and sometimes bane of our lives. Their names are Bailey, Dakota, and Summer. All three are shelter rescue dogs, but as best we can determine, Bailey is about 3 years old and is a Finnish Spitz, Dakota is about years old and is mostly Border Collie there may be a some Australian Shepard in her and Summer is 18 months and a Springer Spaniel/Yellow Lab mix.

Why I am a Mormon

  In early 2008, I had no need for organized religion, no need to have others tell me what to do. I had seen enough of the pain that certain religions had caused friends of mine, and wasn't even sure there was a God. If there was, I didn't really care. I was my own man, and was quite content with that, thank you very much. I moved out West for a job as a guide, and quickly found myself in the company of several people who were LDS. Much to my surprise, they didn't walk around like mindless automatons, and were in fact quite bright. I couldn't really put my finger on it, but they were definatly different, and for the first time in my life, somebody had something positive, something uplifting, that I wanted. I found myself growing attracted to a girl who had far different moral standards from me, and wasn't going to let them down for anything or anyone. I had never seen such inner strength. It was beautiful, and it was intimidating. I asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon so that I could start to read it on the trail I worked 8 days on, 6 days off. I don't have any strong memories of the the first couple days that I read the Book of Mormon, but I will never forget reading 2 Nephi. Years previously, I attended a Jesuit high school. I had read the Bible and been taught it by an extremely knowledgeable professor who had studied at the Vatican and read/spoke Attic Greek and Hebrew the languages the Bible is written in. Yet when I read that "...Adam fell that men might be, and men are, that they might have joy..." 2 Ne 2 25, I knew it was true, that this is what really happened in the Garden of Eden. The clouds didn't part, I recieved no chorus of angels. But I knew for a surety that what I had read was real. As time went on, and I continued my investigation of the church, I have often had clouds of doubt. Distrust in what others were telling me, and sometimes just a contrary nature. Every time though, every single time that I went back to the Book of Mormon, especially 2 Nephi, I knew I was on the right path.  

How I live my faith

I have found throughout my life that I am a wonderful procrastinator. I truly have a gift of accomplishing many tasks 90 percent of the way, and then letting my mind wander off. As a result, I knew that if I went about my life after baptism the same way I went through it previously, the wonderous feelings I felt would dissapate, and I would be left rudderless. I therefore jumped in with both feet. My wife and I pray together morning and evening, and I have my own time for prayer. I work at the Temple as an ordinance worker. I read my scriptures everyday. I sing in choir. In short, I do everything that I can in my busy life to make sure that I am taking time for the Lord. A friend of mine recently mentioned at church that he realized that he was excellent at squeezing in time for sports. He is an avid fan of multiple professional teams, managed to watch SportsCenter every day, etcetera. Yet he realized that he wasn't squeezing in time for the Lord. He had time to watch some meaningless game between two teams in the middle of the season that had no impact on anything, but somehow couldn't find the time for prayer and meditaiton. That story has stuck with me, and as I mentioned above, I make time for the Lord. I try and sqeeze him into my schedule, and the blessings are amazing. The most important aspect for me is that rather than feeling my passion about my faith wane or die off, it has grown stronger and deeper.