Jen!: Mormon.

Hi I'm Jen!

About Me

I'm a married girl in my 30s with a penchant for all things domestic. I have a BA in English, and I'm a writer & editor by trade, but I quit work to stay home with my kiddos just after they were born. Who knew that 7 years after my first set of twins, I'd give birth to a *second* set? It's a little insane. As far as those domestic hobbies go, I sew, I knit, I cook, I even clean! I'm also of a musical persuasion--I play the piano and I sing. In fact, I met my husband singing--I was a jazz soloist and he was the bassist in the combo. How cute is that?

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a member of the LDS church, but during college, I found myself needing to decide for myself whether I was truly committed or not. I tried living without the gospel, and found out just how unhappy I was without it. I'm so grateful for the truths I have and the blessings that come from following Jesus Christ.

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith has become an incredibly important person to me. As I've grown and matured in my studies of the church and its doctrines, I've spent time reading some of Joseph Smith's writings, and become familiar with his voice and personality. I've come to love the man he his and his sense of humor. But more importantly than that, in my discussions about the LDS church with others, I've discovered just how pivotal Joseph Smith's contributions have been to the entirety of the gospel as I know it. Without Joseph and his sincere, questioning prayer in 1820, we wouldn't know what we know about the physical and emotional nature of God. We wouldn't have the Book of Mormon with its truths and clarifications. We wouldn't have the restored priesthood or its ordinances or temples. Perhaps someone else might have been found to perform the functions Joseph did, but I'm so grateful that that wasn't necessary. He was a faithful and a brave man, but most importantly, he was a Prophet.

How I live my faith

My faith is ingrained in so much of my everyday life. I find that my approach to things and my attitudes are filled with the hope and joy of knowing how much my Heavenly Father loves me, and all of us. I'm overwhelmed, sometimes, with the beauty of the truths contained in the gospel of Jesus Christ: eternal families, a Savior who atoned for us and made repentance possible, and a Father in Heaven who knows us personally and hears and answers our prayers. Those truths are carried with me each day, as I go about the crazy daily tasks on my list--the dishes, the insane lists of errands, the mountains of laundry--and they make all the difference.