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Bryce: minnesota, young professional, single, salesman, Mormon.

Hi I'm Bryce

About Me

I'm 29 years old. I grew up in the Minneapolis area, studied business in college out west, and am now working in sales in Seattle for a larger consumer packaged goods company. I enjoy cycling, learning about new music, trying new restaurants, golf, travel, and spending time with friends & family. I am the youngest of four and am the only one still single. With 8 nieces and nephews, I'm "training" to become a good father someday.

Why I am a Mormon

Mostly because I was raised a Mormon, for which I'm grateful. Besides being raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have had a personal conversion. I believe my conversion took place while I was serving as a missionary in Bulgaria. Those 2 years of spreading the Gospel and serving the people of Bulgaria taught me so much. And I think conversion is a continual/daily process.

Personal Stories

How has attending Church services helped you?

I did not always enjoy attending church services growing up. But now it something I look forward to every week. It is such a relief to be around people that have the same goal in mind of serving God and to be uplifted by lessons about the Gospel. It strengthens my faith and keeps me focused in such a distracted world.

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

I believe the Savior's teachings of how we need to "love one another" has influenced me the most. The Savior is truly a great one to teach about love as He has shown great love Himself. This love has influenced the world more than we can imagine. I am grateful for parents that raised me with love that the Savior taught.

How I live my faith

I love to serve others. In my congregation I am in charge of the activities. I get to serve the other members by planning different events that go on throughout the year (potlucks, firesides, etc..) I also help out with a local non-profit group as a project coordinator for various projects. I enjoy being connected by serving the community in that way.