Temma: runner, woman, mother, psychologist, east coast, outdoors, Mormon.

Hi I'm Temma

About Me

I earned a bachelor's in psychology with a minor in French. I earned a master's in school psychology. I love working with children and enjoy encouraging mental and physical health in families and schools. I'm married and we have one child. I LOVE the outdoors. I love the beach, the mountains, the sky, the sun...I get the warm fuzzies when I'm outside and am surrounded by beautiful nature! I love running and competing in races. I've run two half marathons, a relay race, and a handful of 5ks. I did my first 10K on Thanksgiving day and so far that's my favorite distance. I am a wife and a mother to a 15 month old boy. I stay at home with him while my husband studies law school. I'm a strong believer in simple and responsible living.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because the Holy Ghost has born witness to me that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Jesus Christ's restored true church on earth.

Personal Stories

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

Everyone has been blessed with certain talents and gifts that can benefit those around us. For example, I learned that I have a gift of working with children. I decided to become a school psychologist. I feel that through the use of my talent in working with children, I have truly helped children grow and develop in positive ways.

How has your knowledge of the Plan of Happiness changed/benefited your life?

I feel so blessed to know the Plan of Happiness. The most important knowledge that has come to me about the Plan is that families can be together forever if we are married in the Lord's temple by his servants. Knowing that my marriage can last into eternity and that whatever children we bring into this world are our children always if we live God's commandments makes this life that much sweeter. I know that I have to live a life that is worthy of this blessing. This knowledge changes the way I interact with my husband and my child. It makes me try to treat them as people I will want to be with forever.

What has helped develop greater harmony in your home?

Forgiveness and humility. Hands down. After my husband and I got married it's taken real work to learn how to get along and love each other and be united. I learned that one of the fastest ways to bring harmony in the home is to drop the pride, honestly acknowledge when I've been in the wrong, say "I'm sorry," and quickly forgive my husband when he's been in the wrong. And then move on and try to do better.

How I live my faith

Each Sunday, I help teach the youth in my ward about the Savior, Jesus Christ and his Gospel. Though my church congregation meets only on Sundays to worship, I try to live as a disciple of Christ at all other times. I try to live a life that I know my Savior would want me to live by how I treat others. I also try to engage in personal, daily scripture study to learn more and become closer to the Savior. By doing this I learn to enjoy each day a little more.