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Emily: Opera, Bateman, Scriptures, Sing, Music, Mormon.

Hi I'm Emily

About Me

Hi there! I am a college student, voice teacher, modest-fashion lover, and I am a Mormon! I love music! I love performing show-tunes, opera, and other classical literature, and getting lost in YouTube videos of music. I love serving other people and making people laugh. I come from a large family and we are great friends! I served a full time mission to Temple Square and Georgia.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the faith with parents who loved me and taught me right from wrong. When I was about 12 years old I began to question my faith. I had a strong feeling that I should read the Book of Mormon and really find out if it was true. I have read that book many times since then. Every so often when I am calm, paying attention, and understanding what I read, I will feel this flooding sensation of warmth within me, or feel almost as though I am on fire. Or it is a calm answer to a question I had. These feeling aren't made up or something I can duplicate in any other way. That is the Holy Ghost. So I am a Mormon because I know that the Book of Mormon is true, it is from God, and that Joseph Smith was Christ's prophet who re-established Christ's church on the earth. Because I have known that the church was true from that young age, I have had a big responsibility to share my testimony of the gospel with others. Most recently I was able to serve a mission and it was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I have seen miracle after miracle as people I taught exercised their faith to read the Book of Mormon as I did. And I'll never deny it. Aside from the gospel being true, there are so many blessings I've had from obeying the gospel ... When members of a family actively obey the gospel of Jesus Christ it makes the home a place of peace and refuge. And on an individual level, making choices for the future and present become easier and clearer with the gospel in your life. Such amazing blessings!

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of Joseph Smith.

He was 14 years old when he was confused about what church to join. Joseph knew that there was only one Bible, and only one God. So why were there so many churches and preachers claiming to have the truth? So Joseph prayed. He went alone into a grove of trees and prayed to know which church was true. There, he received what we call "The First Vision", and was told by Jesus Christ that none of the churches had the full truth of the gospel, and that he should join none of the churches. I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph was called by God to restore the true church of Jesus Christ to the earth, and was given the correct power and authority to do it. By the Power of God Joseph translated the Book of Mormon from the gold plates into English. I know that Joseph Smith did not make up any of the Book of Mormon himself. I know these things because I have read the Book of Mormon, and like Joseph Smith, I have asked God myself whether or not it is the truth. But I didn't receive a vision of God and Jesus Christ. I received a witness of the Holy Ghost into my heart and mind that this work is true.

Why do Mormons go on missions?

To share the joy of the gospel with others. To make a long story short, my decision to serve a mission came because the Lord told me that a mission was what I should do. So I went. Not everyone has an experience like that. The reason I've stayed on the mission is because I feel such happiness. When you teach someebody about God's plan of happiness for them and they accept it, and feel the power of the Holy Ghost in your words, you both are "edified and rejoice together." It is a unique joy to be the bearer of "good news"!

Could you talk about your baptism?

I was baptized on my grandfather's birthday, right after I turned 8 years old. I wrote my very first journal entry on that day (which is probably why I remember it so well). It was rainy, but still many family and friends came out to support me. The baptism was held at our local stake center. My parents and my bishop talked to me about what baptism meant before it happened. They asked if I wanted to be like Jesus. Yes, I did (and still do!). My dad baptized me. I don't remember who confirmed me (gave me the gift of the Holy Ghost). But I do remember an unmistakable feeling of warmth as that happened. Receiving that gift of the Holy Ghost continues to be a gift that I use on a daily basis, to help guide my actions.

How I live my faith

I talk to my Heavenly Father each day (multiple times a day), and remember Him by reading the scriptures. I share about the church when people want to know more... And I absolutely loved teaching people about Jesus Christ as I served a mission. What a privilege. I sing in choirs and as a soloist for worship services. I feel like I have more power to express my feelings of gratitude to God when I can sing it. Most of all my faith influences how I treat the people around me. I am more kind, more patient, more loving, and forgiving when I put the Lord first in all things. The Book of Mormon continually mentions how merciful Christ is, and I feel myself becoming more like that in my everyday life when I read the words more often.