Stephanie: Autism, Arizona, Teacher, Mormon.

Hi I'm Stephanie

About Me

I am a desert loving, music playing, bookworm learner from Phoenix. I currently live in Utah teaching and training at a school for kids with Autism Spectrum and Other Developmental Disorders. I am working towards a Ph.D. in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and Developmental Disorders and loving it!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know it's true. I know my Father in Heaven is cheering me on and waiting for me to grow and learn and come back to Him. I know that there is a plan and a purpose to live and it makes me see things differently. I see the world as being full of God's children all working towards being their best selves and try to encourage potential in those I come in contact with. I am a Mormon because it's right and I love it.

Personal Stories

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

My prayers are answered in so many ways every day. But the biggest way I see my prayers answered are in guidance in serving others. Often times I will pray to be what Heavenly Father needs of me that day, or pray to know how I can help certain loved ones or ask how I can be a better boss and then set out about my day, trying to stay aware of the good things in the world. So often I will have a little thought come to my mind: "Go see that old friend of yours you haven't talked to in a while," or "Call your sister," or "Tell that employee what a great job she is doing and that you admire her for that specific skill." If I do them immediately or as quickly as I can, I have often times seen mini miracles happen - that old friend was in her living room crying over something I had no idea about, or my sister was stuck on the freeway with a flat or that employee was ready to quit and needed a boost. So many times the world is changed by these little impressions that I believe come specifically from prayers I have prayed.

How I live my faith

I live my faith weekly, hourly, daily, minute to minute and second to very second. I live and breath the Gospel for it is the very fabric of who I am. I try to serve. I try to reach out to those who need me. I direct a church choir. We all get together and sing and help each other grow. I support families with disabilities within the church. I help train, I babysit, I friendship and remind them of the good things even when hard things can be so hard.