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What is the purpose of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Official Answer

The purpose of Church welfare is to promote self-reliance and to care for and serve the poor and needy. For assistance, recipients are encouraged to work (when able) so that they are blessed and can bless the lives of others. Work is a guiding principle in the Church's welfare program.

  • Working as a volunteer out-of-town truck driver for the Mesa Bishops Storehouse has given me an opportunity to see and give service as part of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Orders are transmitted to the Bishops Store House where volunteers, each Monday morning, package and assemble orders for truck delivery to individuals or families in communities that are located several hundred miles from the Phoenix Metropolin area. The purpose of the Bishops Storehouse welfare services program is to assit those that are not able to purchase food or commodities with temporary assistance. As a volunteer, I feel blessed to see in action the welfare assistance program and the great blessing it is to individuals from order to delivery. Show more

  • The whole purpose of the welfare in the church is to care for the and serve the poor and needy while promoting self-reliance. The recipients are encouraged to work when they are able to. Work is a big principle in life. There are a lot of people out there that are really trying and are struggling. So the welfare services are there to help them get on their feet again. When we do everything that we can we will be blessed and be able to help others. A lot of people are quick to help others but when it comes to them needing help/assistance they are slow to ask. Show more

  • The purpose of welfare services of the Mormon Church is to help people that are struggling to get back on their feet while keeping their dignity by giving of themselves in return for what they receive. When my father came to live with us and when our children who have left home have come back to stay with us they have always paid a predetermined amount of rent. Either money or services. That has helped them feel self sufficient and have a good feeling about themselves. Show more

  • Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. We believe in serving and helping the poor, but to truly help, they need more than just a handout. Self-reliance is the goal. Nothing is more satisfying than getting the strength to stand on our own 2 feet, and the welfare program tries to help people do just that. Show more

  • To allow men and women to become self-sufficient and then to go on to help others to become self-sufficient. It is a cycle which leads to self confidence and freedom from bondage. Show more

  • The purpose of welfare services in the church is to care for the poor and the needy and to teach the principle of self-reliance. Show more

  • The purpose of the Church Welfare Services is to ensure none of its membership go hungry or cold or without the basic necessities of life and teaches the Church Members how to budget properly, ways of becoming self sufficient and to help and advise members suffering from emotional, behavioural problems and mental related issues. It also designs programs of a welfare nature for use throughout the Church and local Units. Show more

  • To provide relief and help to those in need. I love that the help provided includes teaching those who are in need how to be self-reliant as well so they can help themselves and others in the future. Show more

  • One of the things I see in the world today is people abusing government welfare services. This makes me a little disappointed. I always wish that nations could be filled with people who are striving to contribute and make the entire country a better place and I imagine what it would be like if everyone was working hard and trying to do their best. I'm not blaming the people or the government, I just wish it were different. Welfare services for our church strive to help people with more than just food, housing or money. They give people the opportunity to learn skills, earn what they are getting and help other people while helping themselves. This helps people get back on their feet instead of letting welfare become a crutch. It helps them have a sense of purpose and self worth. In the long run it's about helping people understand they are a child of God and that he has a plan for them and that he loves them. Show more

  • Welfare services are an opportunity to love and care for those of us in our wards and neighborhoods that are struggling with personal financial matters. I am so grateful for the gift of giving and the blessings that flow both ways when we open our hearts, pantries and wallets. The teachings of Jesus Christ clearly emphasises taking care of the poor and needy in our society and Latter Day Saints take this admonition to heart. I am comforted to know that if I or my family is ever in need I can turn to my Bishop and ward in confidence that my basic needs will be met and that all will be well. Show more

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