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Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Official Answer

The Savior taught His disciples, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations” (Matthew 28:19). As followers of Jesus Christ, members of His Church are enthusiastic about proclaiming the good news of His restored gospel to all who are willing to listen.

Carlos E. Asay, a Church leader, said, “(There is) a marvelous phenomenon which occurs among men when the light of the gospel illuminates their lives. Almost instinctively, it seems, the light of truth sparks a desire to share. When our minds are expanded by new knowledge, we want others to know; when our spirits are elevated by heavenly influence, we want others to feel; and when our lives are filled with goodness, we want others, particularly those whom we love, to enjoy similar experiences.”

You may have seen missionaries riding on bicycles or walking door to door, sharing their message. They are doing everything they can to seek out people who may be interested in learning more about Jesus Christ and God’s plan for their happiness. They serve in pairs, for “in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established” (Matthew 18:16). Missionaries volunteer full-time service for a period of eighteen months to two years.

  • We do not believe that Christ died just so he could save a few of us. We believe that everybody (Mormon and non-Mormon) is entitled to the blessings of the restored gospel, and while faith and living a good life are important, there are certain blessings that can only be accessed through priesthood authority restored through Joseph Smith. We want to reach out to everybody so that everybody knows this wonderful message. Many missionaries make huge sacrifices to be able to serve for two years: I have witnessed this firsthand. Trust us, a lot of the time we feel just as awkward as you do when you find us standing at your front door. But we do it because we want you to know firsthand exactly how wonderful this gospel is. Show more

  •  Have you ever been so excited about a deal at a store that you can't wait to share it? Whenever a store has a huge sale on clothes or toys all the moms at the park are talking about it. That is the way we feel about church. It is such a good deal! You come into the church with nothing but your faith and desire to follow God's will. You come away with the Holy Spirit, the best feeling in the entire world that cannot be duplicated. It's one size fits all and never has to be returned.  Show more

  • The most basic principle in the LDS Church is that God is our Heavenly Father and we are all spirit brothers and sisters. Like normal siblings, we want our brothers and sisters to feel joy and peace. When we feel the warmth and joy that comes from knowing the truth and feeling the Holy Ghost, we will know our true relationship with the rest of mankind and want everyone to feel the goodness we have felt. Show more

  • We proselyte because we love our Savior Jesus Christ and all of God's children. We want them to know the truths that we know so that they can receive the same blessings that we do and join with us in the Kingdom of God. We don't do it to add to our members, to seek personal gain, or to condemn sinners. Rather, we do it out of love for others and our strong belief that the Gospel is for everyone! Show more

  •  Mormon missionaries proselyte so that we can share our unique message with the world. The aboslute fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ had been restored to the earth, and it is only through obedience to that gospel and the ordinances found therein that mankind can be saved. We preach not to increase church membership, but because through a living prophet God has revealed more to us about His plan and how we can return to live with him. There is no message of more importance or that is more wonderful than this, and we desire all to have the opportunity to recieve it.  Show more

  • The Savior took evey opportunity to share His love with others. The Church does the same so that as many people as are willing to listen will be able to feel that love. The message of the Church that God has called a prophet, that additional scriptures have come forth, that the prophecies of the Old Testiment are being fulfilled is So important! How could we not want to share that? Show more

  • Our decision to serve missions is motivated by our belief in the Gospel and our desire to fulfill the Savior's command to "preach the gospel to every creature" Mark 16:15. The Gospel teaches us that we are all sons and daughters of God, and so we feel a kinship with all of God's children and a desire to help them enjoy the peace in this life that the Gospel provides.Our missionaries are not salesman and won't take much of your time, but I know that your decision to invite them into your home will change your life for good! Show more

  • I would say that there are many reasons why a person decides to serve a mission. I think the underlying reason however is the fact that this church is God's true and only church on the earth. And it is only through it that a person can find never ending joy and peace in this life and in the life to come. I believe that those that decide to serve missions recognize that Jesus Christ has given them so much. He has already sacrificed for our sorrows and our sins. We can accept His sacrifice and have this fullness of joy by making covenants or promises with Him like baptism by His authority. Truly converted people to the gospel of Jesus Christ realize what they have. How can we not share what has brought us so much joy, hope, and happiness? This is what life is about. Being happy and having joy. That is why missionaries serve missions to help others come unto Christ so they too can feel of this filling and never ending joy. Show more

  • I don't gamble, but if I were to win a lottery, I'd certainly want to share my winnings with all my loved ones. Finding Christ is winning the only lottery that matters: Comfort, peace, purpose, guidance, eternal life. How could I NOT share? Show more

  • Mormon missionaries proselyte to share the hope and joy that comes from understanding the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. They understand that the message they share has brought them much happiness, and they would like the share that happiness with as many people as they can. Show more

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