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What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Official Answer

It is impossible to put into words the full meaning of the Atonement, which is the most important and most transcendent event in the history of the world. Through His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross, the Savior atoned for our sins. This is the good news for all people!

We can’t fully understand how Jesus suffered for our sins. But we know that in the Garden of Gethsemane, the weight of our sins caused Him to feel such agony that He bled from every pore (Doctrine and Covenants 19:16-17).

Later, as He hung upon the cross, Jesus again felt the weight of our sins even as He willingly suffered painful death by one of the most cruel methods ever known. Jesus the Christ, page 462 states, “It seems, that in addition to the fearful suffering incident to crucifixion, the agony of Gethsemane had recurred, intensified beyond human power to endure. In that bitterest hour the dying Christ was alone, alone in most terrible reality.”

The Savior tells us:

“For behold, I... have suffered these things for all, that they might not suffer... even as I.” (Doctrine and Covenants 19:16-17)

Jesus Christ did what only He could do in atoning for our sins. To make His Atonement fully effective in our individual lives, we must have faith in Christ, repent of our sins, be baptized and confirmed by one having authority, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, obey God’s commandments, receive sacred ordinances, and strive to become like Him. As we do these things through His Atonement, we can return to live with Him and our Heavenly Father forever.

  • The Atonement is for everyone, everyday! I love that part of how we can apply it in our lives daily, to become a better person each day, just a little bit better. Jesus Christ suffered pains and afflictions, he paid the price of sin for each ONE of us. He did this so that we can be closer to Him and not have to suffer like he did, if we but repent. Adam and Eve partook of the fruit in the Garden of Eden, thus causing the Fall from being close to Heavenly Father. We needed someone, a Savior, who could help redeem us from our spiritual fallen state. Jesus Christ is our Savior! And that is why he sacrificed His life....It was for us. Show more

  •  The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the gift of God to his children to correct and overcome the consequences of sin. Jesus was the only perfect person to ever live on this earth. We needed him to be our mediator. When we fall short, his atonement will make up for our short-comings. It allows us to repent of our since and gain forgiveness. Everyone will be resurrected. Show more

  • It is the greatest act of love ever undertaken by Deity. Our Father in Heaven chose Christ as his only begotten son of a mortal mother that he might live among us following the same path of mortal life as Adam and his descendent's. Through his life and the hours of suffering before his death he became acquainted with every affliction that any person would ever suffer or experience. He lived a perfect life, he suffered, bled and died to satisfy the demands of divine justice for our sins and took his life again by the power that he held as the Son of God. Through repentance he takes away the penalties and guilt for our sins making us clean before God if we continue faithful to him through our life. Through this gift we can be resurrected and return to live in the presence of the Father and the Son. Show more

  • The Atonement is the ultimate price that Jesus Christ paid in order for us to be able to be forgiven of God and return to His presence again some day. The Atonement is the peace you feel when you know God has forgiven you and that you have a new start. The Atonement is forgiveness as many times as you repent. It is the eternal and everlasting path to return to God's presence. Show more

  • The Atonement of Jesus Christ consists of 3 parts. His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, His death on the cross, and His resurrection. Through His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane we can repent and be cleansed of our sins. Jesus Christ faced death willingly to release us from death and He did that with His resurrection. Because Jesus Christ was resurrected, everyone else will be resurrected. In order for us to live with Heavenly Father we must become clean from sin and Jesus Christ is the only way we can become clean. If we are to have the full effect of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we must first have faith in Him, repent of our sins, be baptized and confirmed by someone having the authority, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, obey God's commandments, receive sacred ordinances like baptism, and strive to become like Him. Show more

  • The atonement of Jesus Christ is a gift that offers redeeming and enabling power to all mankind to overcome all trials and obstacles in this mortal life. As the only Begotten of the Father, Christ's atonement offers power to open the door to and recieve eternal life. As the the Savior and Redeemer of the world, Christ is the author of our Salvation and the First Fruits of the Resurrection. In mortality as we experience physical pain and spiritual anguish we learn to make the atonement personal when we say, “Oh, Jesus thou Son of God, have mercy upon me who am in the gall of bitterness and encircled about in the everlasting chains of death.” The feeling of being encircled about by everlasting spiritual or physical chains of death is real. The atonement allows this pain transition to joy, anguish becomes peace and captivity becomes freedom. I have experienced the peace offered through Christ’s atonement. I have also witnessed the atonement bless others through the gifts of compassion, mercy and love. The atonement has the capacity to overcome all physical suffering and trials in mortaliy. The atonement allows good people to become better, to put off the natural man and become saints. It allows us to change our nature and become like Christ. The Atonement of Jesus Christ offers the divine power needed to qualify for eternal llife and live in the presence of God. I know he is the way, the truth and the life. Show more

  • The Atonement of Jesus Christ is a central part of our religion. None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes, big and small, every single day. Heavenly Father knew we would sometimes make wrong choices and that those choices would separate us from Him spiritually, that is why He sent Jesus Christ to atone, or pay the price, for our sins. Jesus Christ lived a life free from any sin. Because Christ lived a sinless life, He is the only person who could offer Himself as a sacrifice for our sins. From His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane to His final words on the cross, the Savior paid the price for our sins. Because of this, He understands us perfectly and is willing to forgive us when we show that we are willing to repent, or have a change of heart and action. Jesus Christ is our advocate with our Father in Heaven. This is why the Atonement of Jesus Christ was necessary and why it is so important. We don't have to be defined by past mistakes, because of the Atonement, we can move forward and become better each day. Show more

  • The Atonement consists of Christ suffering for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane, sacrificing His life for us on the cross, and Him conquering death and being resurrected. The Atonement was possible because Christ was a perfect sacrifice. The sacrifice is both infinite and eternal (Alma 34:10). To make use of His Atonement in our individual lives we must: have faith in Christ, repent of our sins, be baptized and confirmed by one having authority, receive the Holy Ghost, and obey the commandments continually trying to become like Him. As we do these things, utilizing the Atonement, we can ultimately return to live with Him and our Heavenly Father. I have come to accept that I will never truly understand the Atonement fully. I do not know how Christ was able to feel the pains, anguish, guilt, and take upon Him all the sins of the world. But that does not mean I have not felt its cleansing effects in my life. I know that the Atonement is real and if relied upon can enrich our lives and draw us nearer to our Savior. Show more

  • The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the crowning event of the Plan of Salvation. This event, which took place in the Garden of Gethsemane, invloved Jesus Christ willingly accepted all of the misdeeds of the world as his burden to suffer. This culminated with the crucifixtion of Jesus at Calvary Hill. By doing this Our Lord and Savior has removed all ouf our misdeeds from our lives. The thoughtless acts we have committed, the hurtful things we have done and the pain we have received have all gone to Him. We will not suffer those things when we repent and place our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. By this same Atonement we will not suffer permanent death but be resurrected (rescued) from death and live again. Show more

  • The whole point of this life is to learn and grow, and do what is necessary to return to live with our Heavenly Father. God is so perfect, that we, too, have to be clean of absolutely every sin or misdeed we have done in order to live where he does. It's not Him being mean or's sort of like a parent telling you that you have to clean all the mud off your boots before you walk on the pristine living room carpet. The problem is, even when we try hard to be righteous, when we try to clean off all the "mud," we still fall short. The good news is that our imperfection is actually FINITE. I know that sounds odd, but today maybe I sinned ten times, or even twenty (hopefully minor issues). In a lifetime, there is a FINITE amount of sin I have committed. My older brother, Jesus Christ, lived an absolutely perfect life, free of sin. His perfection is INFINITE. Using this infinite perfection, he is willing to make up the difference for my faults, as long as I strive to take care of what I can. He didn't have to do this, but He loved me enough to sacrifice His comfort in order to make me clean. He purchased the debt of my sin, and "mixed" my finite imperfection with His infinite cleanliness. As we learn in mathematics, a finite number added to an infinite number equals an infinite result. I am forever grateful to my Savior for sacrificing to pay my debt. The wonderful news is that His sacrifice applies to your debt as well, as long as you follow His direction. Show more

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